October 26, 2019
Emily Ratajkowski's Fans Spot Possible Photoshop Fail In Her Latest Photo, Blast Her On Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is facing a bit of backlash for her latest Instagram post. On Friday, the gorgeous supermodel shared a pair of eye-catching snaps that saw her rocking a bust-hugging turquoise tube top from her own Inamorata Woman brand. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the 28-year-old hottie modeled the tiny garment by pairing it with skintight blue jeans for a casual look that racked up more than 740,000 likes and counting from her massive following.

While many fans seemed to appreciate the outfit and left gushing messages for the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model, not everyone was as impressed with the double Instagram update. Eagle-eyed fans spotted a "weird" detail in one of the two photos and immediately took to the comments section to point out that the pic was a blatant "Photoshop fail."

One person simply wrote, "#weirdphotoshop," with 364 people agreeing that the photo had, indeed, been altered -- and badly, at that.

"Seriously? Stop it," commented a second fan, with one Instagram user replying, "the photo shop [sic]?"

Followers got particularly hung up on a small detail regarding Emily's left arm and shoulder, which appeared to have been edited to make the model look slimmer.

"What is up with her arm in the second picture? No hate, I think she's beautiful but I was just wondering because it looks weird," penned a confused fan.

"Is your arm really shaped like that???" asked another follower, with 162 people hitting the "Like" button on their post.

Followers didn't hesitate to blast Emily for the supposedly Photshopped snap.

"The arm photoshop is terrible yikes," one person offered their opinion on Emily's post.

"Photoshop fail on second pic [laughing-crying emoji] girl u so pretty you don't need all that," remarked another Instagram user, showing some leniency for the Inamorata Woman entrepreneur.

While some blamed Emily for the peculiar effect observed in the photo, others found fault with the person who airbrushes her snaps for the Inamorata promotional photoshoots.

"You need a new photo-shopper [sic], your arms are messed up," declared one follower.

The sentiment was echoed by a second message that read, "Photoshopper needs replacin [sic]."

The same photo was shared on Friday on the Instagram page of Emily's lingerie and swimwear brand, where it garnered an additional 8,500 likes. However, despite the large level of engagement, followers couldn't help but notice that the pic looked a little strange.

"Who shrunk her shoulder?????" asked one Instagram user.

"#PhotoshopFail," was another reply.

"Lol is this a test? What happened to her shoulder lolll," quipped a third person.

This is not the first time that fans have accused Emily of Photoshopping her Instagram pics. In late August, the Sports Illustrated bombshell shared a torrid topless photo on the Inamorata Woman Instagram page and got berated on social media for allegedly altering the shot. As The Inquisitr reported at the time, the snapshot appeared to display a bizarre optic illusion that made it seem like Emily's ribs were sticking out past her bare bosom. Some people interpreted this as a Photoshop mistake and called out the babe on purportedly tampering with the snap to make herself look more trim.