'World's Sexiest DJ' Nata Lee Arches Her Back In A Black Thong Bodysuit

In her latest Instagram update, Russian bombshell Nata Lee proclaimed in her caption that she prefers to wear a skimpy black thong bodysuit over the classic little black dress. Fans of the blond beauty will no doubt appreciate this sizzling swap.

In the snap, Nata Lee wore a sleek, black bodysuit with spaghetti straps and a thong cut. It is an ensemble that she has worn before, in a similar shot previously covered by The Inquisitr. However, while she was angled away from the camera in the previous shot, this time she is pictured sideways. The pose comes from leaning on the door frame, which only serves to elongate her fantastic figure.

It also means more of her beautiful face is visible, as she is able to smolder at the camera as her blown-out blond locks fall around her face. The revealing nature of the bodysuit means that her perky posterior as well as her toned thighs are on full display. It also gives full view to her famous dragon tattoo on the side of her leg.

Nata Lee also arches her back ever so slightly, flaunting her curves to the max. She wears little -- if any -- makeup, letting her natural beauty shine through.

The post quickly earned over 183,000 likes and close to 1,800 comments.

"Wow so hot," wrote one awestruck fan, with several fire emoji and a heart-eye face.

"Doesn't get any more beautiful than you," added another, with a plethora of red hearts.

"You can, babe, you can!!!" joked a third, in response to Nata Lee's joke about wearing the lingerie instead of a black dress.

It's little surprise that the blond bombshell is able to floor her fans, as she has been dubbed by several internet outlets as the "sexiest DJ in the world." She rose to fame thanks to the combination of her bass skills and body, and when she isn't traveling the world attending glamorous photoshoots with modeling company Mavrin, she works at chic club The View in Phuket, Thailand.

In addition to -- or perhaps because of -- all of this, she can boast a huge following on Instagram, where she has around 2 million followers. She often uses the platform to both advertise for her DJ gigs, as well as posting her modeling shots.

For example, she recently posted a picture where she flaunted her cleavage in a nearly sheer white bralette, as previously covered by The Inquisitr.

Fans of the darling DJ can go to her Instagram account for more pictures of the stunner.