Australian Bombshell Gabby Epstein Plays Ping-Pong In A Thong

Australian bombshell Gabby Epstein is very used to wowing her Instagram following. However, she might just have taken it to a new level over the weekend. Yesterday, the blond beauty asked her followers about their favorite sport. To reciprocate, she revealed her answer in the cheekiest way -- by playing ping-pong in the skimpiest of thong bodysuits. Fans unsurprisingly went wild over the double-pic update.

The stunner is used to getting attention due to her strikingly good looks, and she is such a natural beauty that she organically became an Instagram celebrity. Originally, she was a student studying biomedical science in college, and her pictures were taken just for fun. Now, she currently boasts over 2.2 million followers on the social media site.

In the cheeky double picture update, Gabby sports a blue hoodie bodysuit, with a thong cut in the back. The suit also features white stripes on the sleeves, giving the ensemble a retro vibe. Though it is a hoodie, it certainly does not have the traditional baggy cut of the popular sweatshirt. Rather, this outfit clings to her body, hugging every curve to ably show off her hourglass figure.

The cut of the thong flatters her perky posterior in the best way possible, and also offers a view of the top of her tanned and toned thighs. Her hair is styled into a sleek low ponytail, and her face remains out of view due to her pose away from the camera.

In the first picture, Gabby shields her derriere with the ping pong paddle, holding the table with one hand and the yellow ball in the other.

In the second shot, she lets her body grab full attention, as she leans against the table with nothing to obscure her figure.

The upload earned close to 48,000 likes and more than 530 glowing comments.

"How can somebody look that perfect," one fan wondered, adding three heart-eye faces and a fire emoji.

"If that's what you wear to play table tennis then that cheating," teased another follower, following up their comment with both a smiling and kissing face.

"You realize we gotta try to go about our normal lives while you keep posting these photos that make you look like a goddess," jokingly added a third, with the 100 percent emoji.

It is not the first time that the blond bombshell has posted revealing shots on Instagram.

In fact, she recently posed topless with just a pair of jeans, as previously covered by The Inquisitr.