'Russian Kim Kardashian' Anastasiya Kvitko Delights Fans With Encore Biker Short Picture

When fans love a picture, Russian bombshell Anastasiya Kvitko listens. It's part of the reason that the 24-year-old stunner has been able to develop such a mammoth fandom on social media. Current tallies estimate her following at over 10.1 million, more than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and other popular celebrities.

With this in mind, it is very possible that the buxom brunette got wind of the wildly positive reception to a recent Instagram story she posted, in which she showcased her famous curves in a strapless bodysuit that she topped off with biker shorts. To give her fans a weekend treat, the stunner offered her fans a full post of the ensemble, and her followers are unsurprisingly loving it.

As previously covered by The Inquisitr, the brunette beauty originally wore the outfit while having a glamorous night out in Miami Beach, where she dined at fancy new eatery Papi Steak. The outfit consisted of gray biker shorts that connected to a strapless top with green and white accents. The look was completed with a fashionable green Chanel handbag and sneakers.

In Anastasiya's newest upload, she is shown walking down a hallway with her body angled mostly away from the camera. The pose makes sure that her famous derriere, which has been likened to that reality television superstar Kim Kardashian, is on full display.

Turning back towards the camera, she shows off her tiny waist, made to look all the slimmer thanks to the curve of her ample cleavage. The strapless nature of the jumpsuit allows her to come perilously close to spilling out of her top, no doubt to the delight of her fans.

To complete the look, Anastasiya kept her makeup simple in a neutral palette and wore her long brown locks straight and sleek, falling down to her waist. In her caption, the buxom beauty asked her followers how they liked to spend their Friday nights.

Fans loved the update and awarded it over 85,000 likes and around 900 comments.

"You have the most beautiful body," one fan raved, adding several black hearts.

"An actual angel," echoed another.

"Wow baby your pictures take my breath away," wrote a third.

Anastasiya is used to such glowing comments, as she receives thousands every time she uploads a picture. Many of her fans often refer to her as a "goddess" or talk about her perfection.

She also has received numerous marriage proposals from besotted fans.