October 27, 2019
WWE News: Sonya Deville Accuses Fellow Superstar Of Performing 'Nasty' Favors To Advance Career

Ever since she made her main roster debut at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view earlier this year, Lacey Evans has been one of the most pushed women on the WWE roster. However, fellow superstar Sonya Deville claims that Evans' success is due to her alleged backstage antics.

As documented by The Sun, the pair recently had a spat on social media, with Evans bragging about main-eventing WWE's flagship shows and pay-per-views while Deville was struggling to find success. In response, Deville insinuated that the "Sassy Southern Belle" has been sleeping around in order to climb the ranks in WWE.

"Ohhh Id for sure get those opportunities if I went about it the same way you do …nasty."
Evans responded by dismissing Deville's accusations, highlighting that she's married. Evans also said that Deville's lack of opportunities must be a "hard pill to swallow," a comment which prompted the former MMA fighter to drop more sexual innuendo.
"You're right I'm not swallowing anything maybe that's the difference between us."
Both Evans and Deville are members of the Friday Night SmackDown brand, so chances are good that this exchange was a shoot designed to build hype for a potential storyline.

However, the posts have since been deleted, something which suggests that WWE has asked them to get rid of the thread. If it is a work, it certainly caught the attention of fans. Prior to the post's removal, Deville's final reply had gained over 6,000 likes.

Evans has already feuded with Becky Lynch, and is arguably held in high regard by WWE management. She's a divisive superstar, though, and many fans feel that other performers are more deserving of these opportunities.

Deville hasn't been significantly pushed since she made her WWE debut, but as a former MMA star, she's one of the most legitimate combat sports athletes on the roster.

In recent times, Deville has shown great potential as a singles star -- despite being held in a tag team with Mandy Rose. However, she may be in for bigger opportunities, as WWE will need new main-event stars to challenge Bayley for her SmackDown Women's Championship in the coming months.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Deville and Ronda Rousey teased a feud on a recent episode of Total Divas, which resulted in a fallout between the pair. With their respective MMA backgrounds, Deville feels as if it's a feud that writes itself, although Rousey didn't seem too impressed with Deville's accolades in the sport.