October 26, 2019
'90 Day Fiancé': Aladin Jallali Claims He Was Catfished By His Ex-Wife, Laura

TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way has come to an end but the season's most controversial stars, Aladin and Laura Jallali, continue to make headlines. Season 1 of the series concluded with a two-part tell-all reunion event, where the couples sat down to rehash the happenings of the season. During the tell-all, it was revealed that Aladin had requested a divorce from his wife, Laura, devastating her in the process.

Earlier this week, the duo confirmed their separation and Aladin is sharing his side of the story, including his belief that he was catfished by Laura, according to a report from People.

When 51-year-old Laura met and fell in love with 29-year-old Aladin — an attractive personal trainer living in Qatar — on the internet, she was beyond excited. The couple got to know each other and dated long-distance for eight months before Laura packed her bags and flew to Qatar to meet her online boyfriend in person. The couple got engaged after only three days together and Laura soon made the decision to uproot her life in the United States and move to Qatar to be with Aladin permanently.

The couple's relationship got off to a rough start and Laura revealed that she didn't feel satisfied in the bedroom. After the show ended, Aladin allegedly responded to Laura's sexual complaints by comparing her lady part to "bad sushi," as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Since their breakup, the two have been constantly exchanging insults on social media, and it seems Aladin really wants everyone to know what Laura has done to him. In a heated rant posted to his Instagram account, he said he was tricked.

"I was catfished. Plain and simple," he wrote.

"When Laura and I met online, she shared photos that portrayed her to be much younger than she is. Her photos, as I discovered later, were highly edited. Even she admitted to this during taping, but no one paid any attention to it. She told me she was 40 years old and I believed her," he continued.
"When we met in person, I was surprised but I already had feelings for the person I thought she was. We had already decided to get married before even meeting."
Aladin claims he didn't discover Laura's real age until they got their marriage license earlier this year. He said he confronted his estranged wife about the age discrepancy and she told him there was a mistake on her birth certificate. He said despite the lies, he stayed with her because he loved her and believed they could get through it. Aladin also made claims about sending Laura money for her to sponsor him so they could relocate to Canada together, but later realized that the woman had spent all his money and would not be able to file the application.

After his rant, Aladin responded to a fan's question about the current status of his relationship with Laura by saying they were no longer together and that he wishes her well with future men.