October 26, 2019
New Details Emerge About Katie Hill's Controversial Relationships After Congresswoman Hit By Nude Photo Leak

New details are emerging about the controversial relationships of Katie Hill, the California congresswoman who this week was hit by a nude photo leak.

Hill was seen in a series of nude images published by Daily Mail that prompted a legal threat from the congresswoman's camp. Amid the ongoing political scandal, Hill's lawyers demanded that the British news outlet take down the photos and retract the insinuation that a tattoo of a cross on her hip was a Nazi image.

"This letter serves as notice that civil and criminal laws prohibit the publication of images of the character you have posted, and that our client is prepared to take all necessary means to protect her rights and to protect herself from an unprecedented, unwarranted and extraordinarily offensive invasion of personal privacy," read the letter from law firm Perkins Coie, demanding that the news outlet remove the pictures at once.

Hill had already admitted that she and her husband had a relationship with a young staffer, which the California Democrat said she now regrets. Now, a new report shares details on the relationship between Hill and her now-estranged husband, Kenny Heslep. A report from CNBC noted that in divorce proceedings, Heslep claimed that his wife did not like doing household duties and asked him to be a "house husband" who would be financially dependent on her.

Heslep claimed that his own career ambitions were put on the back burner as his wife rose up the ranks of the non-profit organization, People Assisting the Homeless, and eventually entered the realm of politics.

"Our agreement was that I would stay at home and take care of all of the domestic duties and responsibilities while Hill worked," Heslep claimed in divorce papers.

But the arrangement fell apart in the past few months. Heslep went on to claim that he was left with no money after Hall told him on June 7 that she was leaving him. Heslep said his wife stopped depositing money into a shared bank account, leaving him to beg her for money so he could buy food for himself and the couple's pets.

Katie Hill is now facing a House ethics probe after admitting that she and her husband were in a polyamorous relationship with a campaign staffer.

It also seems that the Daily Mail was not cowed by Katie Hill's legal threats. The nude (though censored) images of the Congresswoman were still on the website, as were the paragraphs describing her tattoo as a Nazi image.