Instagram Model Pamela Alexandra Channels 'Baywatch' As She Walks Slow Motion In Revealing Swimsuit

Pamela Alexandra may have had another famous Pamela in mind when she shared her latest racy Instagram video.

The very well-proportioned model took to Instagram on Friday to share a video of herself walking in slow motion away from the camera while wearing a very revealing thong swimsuit. The video, and Pamela's physique that bounced with each step, seemed to be the perfect tribute to Baywatch and its iconic opening sequence with a slow-motion running Pamela Anderson. The two share a similar physique, though Alexandra missed the memo on the red swimsuit and lifeguard board.

Alexandra's video got some big attention on Friday, garnering close to 100,000 views and attracting all manner of compliments from her followers.

"Wooow nice body," one fan wrote.

"Absolutely gorgeous," another gushed.

The video was part of Pamela's trip to Indonesia, where she seemed to be enjoying the tropical sun and taking every opportunity she could to don some skimpy swimwear. As Pamela's 2.7 million followers know well, she has a penchant for wearing the most revealing attire possible, and is frequently on the beach.

Her affinity for sharing racy pictures and videos has also helped Pamela carve out a popular and likely very lucrative niche on the modeling world. Pamela gets frequent work for fashion and swimwear companies, often using her curvy physique to promote clothing for plus-size women.

While it's not clear exactly how much money Pamela is making from her modeling, there's a good chance it's a very comfortable salary. Social media experts say that Instagram models generally make $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have --- and that's on a per post basis. That means that Pamela has the chance to make $25,000 or more just for sharing a single post.

As The Hub noted, Pamela also seems to be taking advantage of one of the other major perks of Instagram modeling: getting paid to travel to beautiful locations.

"Some Instagram models are even sponsored by companies so they are able to travel to a certain destination or attend a certain event and snap photographs while they are there," the site noted. "They literally get paid to travel the world and take cute pictures of themselves."

Pamela's feed shows that she has hit up a number of tropical locales both in the United States and abroad for her modeling work.

The popularity doesn't come without plenty of hard work for Pamela, however. She frequently shares videos and pictures from her fitness routine, which included a new dedication to the gym to maintain her killer curves.