Demi Rose Exposes Cleavage Wearing 'Devil In A Blue Dress' Halloween Costume

Model Demi Rose thrilled her 10.4 million Instagram followers with a new post of herself wearing her gorgeous Halloween costume.

The Inquisitr previously reported about Rose's bedazzled bodysuit and black devil ears she wore to help create the gorgeous "Devil in a blue dress" look. In her post, Rose revealed more of her costume than she'd previously showed in her Instagram story.

She tied a royal blue velvet skirt around her waist to create the blue dress look. The back of the skirt, which was open in the front revealing the rhinestone-encrusted bottom of her bodysuit, featured a white applique with more shiny bling. The model also accessorized her costume with several sparkly rings and a dark crimson manicure. The brunette beauty's hair fell over her shoulders and down her back in soft waves with a side part.

She posted the image from London, England, and in the caption, Rose revealed she's back home and even better than before she left. Recently, the model took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she did several western-inspired photo shoots wearing her unique takes on cowgirl fashion in the desert.

Rose's followers loved her latest share with more than 65,000 hitting the "like" button in just a few minutes. Plus, nearly 500 people also dropped supportive comments for the model, who recently shared a moment of her heartbreak over losing her mother.

"You're always better," declared one impressed fan.

"You are the most beautiful woman alive," another follower raved.

"I remember your first post," reminisced another long-time fan.

"What are you suppose to be?" asked a fourth follower.

It seems as if Rose may have patterned her outfit after the song "Devil With a Blue Dress On" written by Shorty Long and William "Mickey" Stevenson, that was first recorded by Long in 1964. It's also possible that the 1995 Denzel Washington movie, Devil in a Blue Dress, could've been her inspiration for the costume.

There's also a possibility that Rose's blue take on the traditionally red devil outfit is coincidental and has nothing to do with the song or the film.

In her Instagram story, she shared parts of her evening out on the town with Sabine Charlotte Schendstok. The two friends danced together at a club, and Rose declared that Halloween is here in one of their clips. The model also included a ghost emoji on the video of herself with her friend. She also shared pictures of a drink in a martini glass and said that she prefers sugar instead of salt.

Finally, at the end of the evening, she shared photos of her dog that she took while wearing the costume, and she revealed that Teddy is her heart.