Sommer Ray Sits On A Doormat In Sexy, Shirtless Pose

Sommer Ray picked a playful spot to be photographed for her Friday upload that promoted her fitness and lifestyle box, SommeThings.

While last week she was rocking a neon NSFW swimsuit with major cutouts in all the right places, on October 25, the social media star took to Instagram while wearing a sexy version of a business suit.

Sommer wore nothing underneath an unbuttoned black jacket as she rested her hands between her legs, which left one of her breasts partially on show. She paired it with matching pin-stripe trousers which were cut off at the bottom, leaving the pants unhemmed and raw with a number of threads hanging loose. She added white sneakers, small earrings and an ankle bracelet to complete her look.

The fitness model looked sexy as she sat on a doormat with one of her knees was bent while the other leg was stretched out slightly to her side as she rested against a door. Her long hair was worn in its signature style as all her luxurious locks were flipped over to one side and then streamed down the front of her.

Sommer's face was done up with a moderate amount of makeup. Her brows had been darkened and groomed, her eyelids sported a bit of shadow, her cheeks enjoyed a bit of blush, and her pout had been swiped with a peachy lipstick.

The 23-year-old star's 22.9 million followers and fans were treated to this teasing Instagram post, with more than 345,000 admirers liking the share within seven hours of it being uploaded. Meanwhile, more than 1,200 folks wrote on Sommer's most recent social media picture.

The sentiments from among the comments were mixed.

"If u were sitting at my front door I'd go back to church," promised one Instagram user.

"I don't want to be mean but u look kind of 'older' in this picture loll," stated another follower.

"If I opened my front door to a package like that, that would cover Christmas for the rest of my life," said a third admirer.

"Can I be you for a day?" asked yet another fan.

Sommer enjoys plenty of attention on Instagram, while this fitness model's most popular posts "show her during her workouts," states her bio on IMDb.

The source also offers more personal information about Sommer. For instance, IMDb notes that "her boyfriend is Max Ehrich" and that "she posted a tribute photo to her father, a competitive body-builder, to her Instagram account on June 2015."

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