WWE News: Former Superstar Gains Nearly 60 Pounds, Looks Almost Unrecognizable


Some professional wrestlers appear to have great careers ahead of them in WWE, only for something to happen and make things go in an entirely different direction. Adam Rose is one of those who quickly gained popularity during his time in NXT, but despite having the in-ring talent to be great, he was never able to get over the hump. Now, he is set to retire from the ring and has just completely changed his look, making him unrecognizable — and quite happy.

Rose was one of those superstars who WWE seemed to look at more for his gimmick than his actual in-ring ability. He never won a single title during his time in NXT or WWE, but he remained popular and the fans always loved him even though he lost the majority of his matches.

There were some out-of-the-ring issues that caused some trouble for Rose, eventually forcing him to request his release from WWE. In May 2016, his release was granted and he moved back onto the independent circuit to continue his career.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rose was said to have wrestled his last-ever match during this summer. Even though it was seen as his retirement match, he has some dates to finish up and he’s doing it on his own terms and in his own way.

Rose posted a pic on his official Instagram which not only shows him looking much heavier than he used to be, but with a totally different look.

Yes, that is indeed Adam Rose, and as he said in the caption, he has been finishing up a few remaining dates that he needed to get through before calling it a career. It is obvious that WWE wanted to work his gimmick more than anything, but he always wanted to present himself as he truly felt he should look in the ring.

Rose, whose real name is Ray Leppan, is weighing in at almost 60 pounds more than he did during his last run in WWE. Actually he posted another picture earlier in October which detailed how he was now nearly 85 pounds heavier than he was for his lightest weigh-in for Vince McMahon’s company.

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My weight gain has caused some interest so let me explain.. Before coming to the #WWE I weighed 236 lbs.. when I performed as #LeoKrugar my weight was around 225 lbs.. When I made the transition to #Adamrose, I was asked to refrain from weight training, so the character would not look like a #prowrestler at all, and also to get as far away from the Krugar character as possible. My weight as Adam was around 201 lbs.. unfortunately as everyone now knows while in the WWE I developed a drug addiction which lead to me losing considerable weight and getting sick. At my worst I weighed in at 176 lbs in the WWE.. I was living on a smoothie a day and barely ate.. After a long stint in rehab, thanks to the WWE, I was able to clean up and get my life back together.. Currently I weigh 258 lbs and feel good. I weight train religiously and eat food again.. probably too much food.. but I enjoy it so not gonna stop. I'm happy and on a much better track.. thank you.. #nxt #aew #powerlifting #weightlifting #bodybuilding #swoledaddy #jacked #happy #FatBoyHappy

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Adam Rose has gone through some difficult times in the last few years and he’s thankful to WWE for helping him with rehab and getting his life back in order. Now, he’s happy with his weight, his look, and the healthy way he is feeling. Sure, he won’t be wrestling for much longer, but there are many promotions in this world who would be happy to have him on their talent roster.