Val Chmerkovskiy Reminds Kanye West That Kim Kardashian Was On ‘DWTS’ In Response To ‘On God’ Lyric

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Dancing with the Stars pro Val Chmerkovskiy has some advice for Kanye West after listening to one of the tracks from the rapper’s new gospel album, Jesus Is King: Try wearing some rhinestones.

According to Variety, Kanye was selling some Jesus Is King merchandise at his album preview event at the Forum in Los Angeles. However, none of the four items being sold were bedazzled with the sparkly crystals that Dancing with the Stars viewers are used to seeing Val and his celebrity partners wear on the ABC reality show.

Kanye’s unadorned merchandise included a “Jesus Is King” shirt priced at $170 and a blue baseball cap that he was charging $45 for. As reported by Entertainment Tonight, the rapper and clothing designer tries to explain why everything he creates comes with such a hefty price tag in his song, “On God.”

“That’s why I charge the prices that I charge / I can’t be out here Dancing With the Stars,” he raps. “No, I cannot let my family starve / I go hard, that’s on God.”

Luckily for Kanye West, he’s married to Kim Kardashian, a successful businesswoman, reality show star, and beauty mogul. Forbes reports that Kim’s net worth is $72 million, so Kanye probably wouldn’t be in danger of starving or needing a Dancing with the Stars paycheck, even if he wasn’t making a killing on his music and merchandise.

While the rapper is seemingly dissing DWTS in “On God,” there was a time when his wife saw competing on the show as a golden opportunity, and Val Chmerkovskiy recently took to Instagram to remind Kanye of this.

On Friday afternoon, Val shared a shirtless video of himself lip syncing to “On God.” When Kanye West raps the lyric about Dancing with the Stars, Val stops and pretends to look confused. The video then cuts to a still photo of Kim Kardashian dancing with former DWTS pro Mark Ballas.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star competed on Season 7 of the show in 2008, one year after her family’s reality series premiered on the E! Network. Kim was the third celebrity eliminated from the competition.

Val Chmerkovskiy knows what it feels like to be eliminated from the competition early; he admitted that it “sucks” after his partner, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, became the fourth celebrity to be sent home during the current season of DWTS. However, failing to make it far on the show didn’t hurt Kim Kardashian’s career.

In addition to reminding Kanye of his wife’s participation in the reality competition, Val shared a short “diss track” daring the rapper to give it a shot himself.

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To you champ! When you landed in LA terrified and excited I was the first one to greet you and tell you this was going to be the best experience of your life, if you put your heart into it. You did that and more. You were kind, you were hardworking, you were grateful, you were everything I’d want in a student and more importantly in a teammate. You couldn’t have done more or given this season any more than you gave and I’m really proud of you for that. I told you in week one, when all the chaos was happening with your mom, “thank you for choosing to do right thing, even if it’s not the easy thing to do.” Continue to lead with your heart. Continue to be as authentic as you’ve been throughout and NEVER apologize for being yourself! Because you are more than good enough. I really hope this experience gave you a small glimpse at your potential and what your beautiful soul is capable of. That elimination broke my heart, because I really thought I would be good enough as a teacher and your partner to keep you away from feeling that, protect you from defeat. But such is the nature of competition and such is life, sometimes it doesn’t go according to how we planned it. And to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t want it any other way, that’s what makes life exciting in the first place. Non of that however will ever take away the memories we did make, and the pure joy we felt making them. If given a redo, I’d take 6 weeks with you over a mirrorball with anyone else a hundred more times. You’re a star champ, and I’ll always cherish our time spent together sweating, laughing, celebrating life. #TeamSailaV #CestLaVie . . Thank you to @michdibs for making this season so much fun. You are the unsung hero and a partner I was incredibly lucky to have throughout. You’re the best at what you do, because you too lead with your heart, and I appreciate you so much for it. I would not have been able to get through season 28 without you. . Last but not least, Ms. Brinkley herself. Christie, you are pure magic. As kind and gracious as people think you are times a million. Thank you for trusting me with your daughter and thank you for sharing so much love with me. I love and appreciate you

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“Yo, Kanye, keep talking that smack about Dancing With the Stars. Man, you’re going to catch this diss track,” Val said. “Put some rhinestones on.”