CBS’ ‘Bad Teacher’ Scores Kristin Davis

Bad Teacher

One of the most promising pilots to come out of pilot season is CBS’ new sitcom Bad Teacher. The show, which is based on the film of the same name, has now booked Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis as one of the leads.

This is the first television project for Davis since Sex and the City. It is said that Davis will co-star as Ginny, a history and choir teacher, who plays the lead character’s nemesis.

It was already announced that Roseanne’s very own Sara Gilbert would be joining the show as well, though it’s not as the foul-mouthed teacher. Instead she’s said to play Irene, a shy and introverted drama and English teacher, who when pushed just right can be a little bit intense.

Earlier when the pilot was green-lit, it was announced Fringe’s Ari Graynor would play the sexy foul-mouthed teacher Meredith Davis, who’s the center of the show.

In the 2011 film version Cameron Diaz starred as a foul-mouthed divorcee who values finding her next husband and buying breast enhancements rather than enriching the young minds of her classroom. The film also starred Justin Timberlake as one of Diaz’s conquests, and Jason Segel as a gym teacher who had a crush on Diaz’s character.

For Bad Teacher the television show, Community and Happy Endings writer Hilary Winston has written the script and will also serve as the Executive Producer alongside Lee Wisenberg and Gene Stupinsky, the latter of the team who also produced the film version.

The collaboration between Winston and Wisenberg, as well as Stupinsky is unique and may just work. Usually when a TV adaptation happens it doesn’t quite translate, either lacking the initial charm from the original cast, or failing to capture the tone. Hopefully with all involved CBS will be able to capture the true spirit of Bad Teacher. It certainly looks promising with the new addition of Kristin Davis, that’s for sure.