Doja Cat Gets Sexy In A Snakeskin Bikini For New 'Rules' Music Video Trending At Number 4 On YouTube

Doja Cat released a new YouTube video yesterday for her song "Rules," and it's already racked up over 2.3 million views. Plus, the YouTube video is trending at No. 4 on the platform's trending list, so it's very likely that the rapper will get many more views in the coming days and weeks. Currently, the No. 1 spot is being held by Selena Gomez for her "Look At Her Now" video.

In addition to the video, Doja shared a series of photos and a video clip on her Instagram page, which gave fans a closer look at her newest release. In one of these updates, the rapper was spotted in a snakeskin bikini that allowed her to show off her toned body.

The bikini top featured a silver buckle in the center, while her bottoms featured larger buckles on the sides. The top was a classic bikini cut, while the bottoms featured a soft "V" cut on the top. She completed her look with a snakeskin garter belt, along with another snakeskin belt that she wrapped around her waist multiple times.

In addition, the rapper rocked an eye-catching pair of sandals, which featured a snakeskin-print. There were thin straps that she wrapped around her leg all the way up to her knees. She also accessorized with a pair of dark sunglasses and with a tan hat.

The photo has been liked over 417,000 times so far.

Fans raved about the rapper's good looks in the comments section.

"Quick someone hold my wig," joked a follower.

"U playin w/my emotions ma'am," declared an admirer.


"Oh no.. not another old town road remix PLEASE," said a fan, referring to her captions.

Since then, the rapper released a clip of the video with her Instagram fans. She chose a suggestive moment to advertise the post, which showed a snake slithering on her bikini bottoms. The clip has been watched over 773,000 times so far.

But this snakeskin look is hardly the only one that she rocked during the "Rules" video. The beginning of the song showed Doja in an all-purple ensemble. It had strappy accents on her arms and legs, along with half of a jacket on her left side with a large lapel. She was spotted briefly in a fuzzy purple jacket too, along with a cowboy hat.

Later on in the video, Doja was seen wearing a cropped dark blazer. She flashed her red bra underneath the jacket, as she also wore a collared shirt with large cut-outs that left her chest on display.

Check out the full video on YouTube.