October 25, 2019
WWE Rumors: Former Superstar Reportedly Wants 'Blank Check' Offer To Return

Backstage rumors of CM Punk returning to in-ring action have been heating up recently, and for the first time since he left WWE six years ago it seems like the former champion is open to a return to the squared circle -- if the money is good.

Citing the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer, Sportskeeda is reporting that several WWE superstars believe that Punk wants to be offered a blank check deal to return to the company. However, Meltzer also stated that WWE are unlikely to let the former UFC fighter command his own figure.

"Even though there are guys on the undercard who have gotten some great offers, like Anderson and Gallows, and certain guys on top like Lesnar are making money like few in the history of the industry have ever made, WWE hasn't been signing blank checks and guys who are near the top asking for giant money haven't gotten the blank check. Those in WWE believe Punk is another guy looking for that."
Since All Elite Wrestling burst onto the wrestling scene earlier this year and changed the landscape, WWE have been eager to keep hold of their talents. Several superstars have already signed improved deals as the company seeks to prevent them from joining the competition, but they're probably keen to sign Punk so he doesn't bring more eyes to the opposition's product.

CM Punk sits on the stage and cuts a promo

As The Inquisitr previously reported, AEW has already offered Punk an opportunity to join the company. However, they approached him via text message, and according to Punk, that's not the most professional way to do business.

While AEW won't ever close the door to Punk, they believe that he doesn't want to join and are instead focusing on performers who want to be there. At the same time, he's the biggest free agent in the wrestling industry, and now that he's been more vocal about returning to sports entertainment, their interest might be piqued again.

It's no secret that Punk recently tried out for a position on WWE Backstage. If he gets the job, he will be working for FOX as opposed to WWE, but the fact he's shown interest in the gig suggests that he's open to being affiliated with the company once again.

Despite his tumultuous relationship with WWE in recent years, Vince McMahon is reportedly open to the possibility of bringing the former superstar back to the company. During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Triple H said that McMahon is always open to doing business with Punk and putting the past behind them.