October 25, 2019
Two-Time 'The Challenge' Champion Returning For Season 35 After Nine-Year Hiatus

One of the most popular names in Challenge history is making their way back to the small screen come Season 35. The Challenge Vevmo page is reporting a major spoiler that none other than Tori Hall will be back competing on the hit reality series after a nine-year break. Many know Tori as the former wife of Challenge legend Brad Fiorenza. Tori is even more well-known for taking home the title in two out of her three Challenge appearances.

Tori nabbed the first place spot in Season 15 (Gauntlet III) and Season 20 (Cutthroat). The mother of two also appeared in Season 17 (Duel II) but lost just before the final in Episode 10 after being eliminated by Anessa Ferreira. Tori was on the rookie team in The Gauntlet III and ultimately defeated Brad, who was on the veteran team. Alongside Frank Roessler, Jillian Zoboroski, Johanna Botta, Nehemiah Clark, and Rachel Moyal, Tori and her team dominated the veterans, earning them $300,000.

Three separate teams battled it out in Cutthroat, with Tori and Brad both on the Red Team. The couple won along with Challenge veterans Dunbar Merrill and Tyler Duckworth. This victory earned their team $300,000, but now Tori is returning in a time when the paychecks are much bigger. There have been many seasons since she seemingly retired that there has been one winner for an entire season, with several million-dollar prizes as well.

Brad will not be back on Season 35 of The Challenge, with his last appearance being on Final Reckoning. Much of Brad's storyline surrounding his last two Challenge appearances was his relationship with Britni Thornton. The couple split shortly after Final Reckoning and neither has been back to film since. While fans would probably love to have Brad and Tori on the same Challenge, it's highly unlikely considering the duo didn't have the most amicable divorce and took some of their issues to social media.

After a nine-year break from the show, Tori will be walking into a cast of very unfamiliar faces. Out of 27 other competitors, Tori has only appeared on previous seasons with veterans Johnny Bananas, Chris "CT" Tamburello, and Aneesa. Most of the Season 35 cast are from the last five to six seasons, with a healthy dose of rookies as well. Tori will have to work hard at the social game, especially since newer seasons of the show have gotten much harder in physical difficulty.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 is currently airing on MTV every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET.