Erica Mena Rocks A Barely-There Bikini Top With Snap Buckles

Erica Mena has been sharing a ton of new photos of her baby bump lately, but today, it was all about her bikini top. She posed in front of a blank wall and smiled widely while showing off a watch on her right wrist.

The Love & Hip Hop star wore an eye-catching, bright orange bikini top for the shot. She posed with her right wrist in the air and her hair obscuring the left side of her top, but it was possible to see that it was very small. Her cleavage was on full display, while two snap buckles in the front kept her assets contained.

Erica wore her hair pulled back in a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Her makeup included a glossy, light pink lipstick and eye shadow in two different ones. Her scorpion tattoo was visible on her right hand.

The photo, which can be seen on the reality TV star's Instagram page, has been liked over 27,000 times so far. Plenty of fans commented on Erica's good looks, while some people joked about her watch.

"I think ur not showing off a watch," suggested a follower.

"Didn't even notice the watch just saw the fire a** top and gorgeous smile!! The watch is nice too tho!" exclaimed an admirer.

"That top though where can I get that?@iamerica_mena," asked a curious fan, whose question was also asked by many others.

"Alot of people talked sh*t over the years but i always thought u were a good women who stood up for her self and did what was best for u and ur child..." commented a follower.

Erica's not shy about showing off her chest, and she recently revealed that she had plastic surgery. Even so, many of her newer posts have focused on showing off her growing baby bump.

In the midst of the fashionable photos, Erica's also been sharing her cravings for Dunkin' Donuts with her fans. She's mentioned that it's part of her pregnancy cravings. A week ago, the company heard about Erica's love for the donuts and delivered a box of her favorite treats. The reality TV star took a video of the delivery to share with her followers.

The video has been watched over 472,000 times.

For now, fans can hope for more updates from Erica in the coming days. It's still unclear when her due date is, but considering how often she posts on social media, she'll hopefully spill the beans soon. Until then, she's likely to continue sharing photos of herself rocking sexy maternity clothing.