Sara Underwood Smolders In Tiny Ensemble & Flaunts Deep Cleavage As She Highlights Her Love For Bali

Playboy bombshell Sara Underwood just posted a series of photos to her Instagram page that is sure to get pulses racing. The 35-year-old blond vixen was photographed in Bali at some point recently.

Sara posted the group of photos to her Instagram page on Friday and told her followers that Bali should definitely be on their bucket list. In the first picture, Sara wore a revealing outfit as she poses in a banana shopkeeper's market space.

Sara wore a minuscule, strappy top that revealed plenty of cleavage. The straps crossed over her flat tummy. Sara wore a pair of gold shorts and nude sandals to complete the look. The Playboy Playmate of the Year gazed off to the side as she posed. Her short, blond hair was styled in a casual bob.

This Instagram post of Sara's included 10 shots in all, each of them stunning in their own ways. This isn't the first time that Sara has shared shots showcasing the beauty of Bali, but this collection definitely illustrates both the beauty of the area and the allure of this American bombshell model.

Sara has 9.2 million people following her Instagram page for sultry posts just like this one. In merely one hour, almost 90,000 of Sara's fans had already checked out this incredible slate of snapshots. Not only that, but nearly 650 comments were posted in that same time frame.

"All these pics are fire," noted one of the model's fans.

"Some of the best pictures I've ever seen a female model post. Very beautiful stuff."
"Your beauty makes these photos outstanding," shared another follower.

Some fans noted that their favorite photo from the post was one featuring Sara in a red bikini, standing near a waterfall. For many others, it was another waterfall shot where Sara wore a blue-and-white bikini that captured their attention.

It looks as if this compilation of photos from Bali was made up of some previously-shared photos and a handful of new ones, and Sara clearly had heart rates rising with this Friday post.

Sara has definitely found a way to stand out from the world of Instagram models. The Playboy bombshell often mixes gorgeous natural settings with her revealing, sexy poses and ensembles and her followers can't get enough.

Chances are good that Sara Underwood will have something else sultry to share soon, but this Bali-focused series of snaps may be tough to top. Be sure to follow her on Instagram to see more.