'Black Ink Crew's' Young Bae Bares Booty In Skimpy Carnival Costume

Young Bae shared a new Instagram update today, and it was all about her skimpy carnival outfit. The photo was taken as the crew from Black Ink Crew made an appearance during this year's West Indian Carnival & Parade in New York.

The reality TV star mentioned that they got drenched in the rain. It turned out that it started raining a lot about 30 minutes before the floats began their course in the parade, according to NYC Parade Life. Regardless, Young mentioned that she had a lot of fun anyway, and the rest of the crew looked like they were having a great time.

Young was spotted in a red outfit, as she was standing up with her left shoulder facing the camera. She wore a skimpy outfit that did just enough to censor her curvy figure, including thong-cut bottoms and a halter-tie top. It included sparkling gold fabric accents and a white jewel on her arm pieces. The tattoo artist also rocked a large headpiece with feathers, which unfortunately gave away how wet the girls actually got thanks to the bad weather.

Beside Young, you could see Sky Days, Tatiana, and London. The float that they were on was covered in plastic, as this photo was presumably taken before or after their appearance in the parade.

The photo, which you can check out on Young's Instagram page, has been liked over 50,000 times so far.

Fans poured in with a ton of comments, with many people responding to the captions.

"F the haters yall look GOOD," exclaimed an admirer.

"Talk about it yall embraced every culture & i loved it. Rain makes everything better f*ck what they said @youngisblessed," noted a follower.

Others focused on sending their compliments.

"Young really is blessed," remarked a follower, referring to her Instagram handle.

"Yo ya baby daddy needs to get it together before I do!" said a social media user, who's seemingly into Young's good looks.

In addition, the reality TV star shared another update today that showed her working out at the gym. She's promised a workout regimen for busy moms, so admirers can look forward to hearing more soon.

The video showed Young working on her legs using an exercise machine. She rocked an all-black ensemble, which included a long-sleeved shirt and shoes. She sat in the exercise machine while pressing onto weights with her feet. The camera panned around the reality TV star, while an up-tempo song could be heard in the backdrop.

Those that can't seem to get enough of Young can also check out her prior post, where she wore an Asian-inspired top.