October 28, 2019
Cosplay Model Liz Katz Shows Off Her Insane Flexibility By Doing The Splits In Wild Instagram Video

Liz Katz is sending her Instagram followers into a bit of a frenzy with her latest video. In this case, it's not a cosplay look she is sharing that has her fans talking. Instead, she is showing her flexibility, and it seems as if others want a lot more content like this.

On Thursday, Katz uploaded a video to her Instagram page, one that may have been filmed in her bedroom. The cosplay queen was standing in the doorway to a bathroom, doing a vertical split against the doorframe.

Katz had the Ruth B. song "Lost Boy" playing as she showed how wildly flexible she can be. The cosplay model joked about how her jaw-dropping split must be how lost boys keep themselves from feeling stiff and old. Most pundits would likely say that Liz's stretch could certainly do the trick.

As she did her split, Liz had her hands holding onto the door frame on the opposite side of the bathroom entryway. She seemed to be pushing herself deeper into her split as she stood on one leg and stretched the other, her toes pointed toward the top of the frame.

Katz was wearing thigh-high stockings, booty shorts, and a black crop top as she stretched, with her outfit and her positioning allowing her fans to take in her bare midriff and all of her enviable curves. The model's blond hair was casually styled, hanging over her shoulders as she stretched.

The cosplay model's sexy Instagram posts and jaw-dropping looks have helped her build a following of more than 920,000 people on the popular social media site. In less than a day, this flexibility-focused video had been viewed nearly 200,000 times.

Katz's athletic demonstration also brought in nearly 50,000 likes and about 650 comments.

"Wow! You do that with such Grace!!!" exclaimed one of Liz's impressed followers.

"Legit amazing. Well done," shared another fan.

"So flexible and sexy," commented another Katz supporter.

As seems to be the case with many of Katz's Instagram posts, some comments were naughty. The cosplay model previously shared that this way of weighing in on her posts is not uncommon. Liz typically seems to go with the flow, but sometimes her passionate fans fluster her a bit.

Liz Katz tends to keep her Instagram fans guessing with a solid balance of posts that incorporate sexy cosplay looks along with plenty of everyday, casual selfies. Even the simplest of Liz's posts generate a lot of engagement with her fans. In fact, this latest video has already become one of the model's most popular posts.