October 25, 2019
Ivanka Trump Faces Backlash After Taking Credit For Kansas' Improving Economy

Ivanka Trump claimed that her father's administration was responsible for the recent uptick in Kansas' economy. On Wednesday, Ivanka tweeted a graph showing that household median income in the state had grown in the past few years. However, a State Representative wasn't having it, according to Newsweek. She responded with a message saying, "Girl, please. You didn't build that."

Ivanka, who acts as a White House adviser, visited the WSU Tech National Center for Aviation Training in Wichita, Kansas. Her visit was part of a tour related to Donald Trump's "Pledge to America's Workers." After visiting the state, she tweeted a graph from the Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrating that household income had climbed from $4,546 to $59,123. The graph also showed that the state added nearly 34,000 jobs, 7,100 of which were in the manufacturing sector. The graph also showed unemployment was down 12.4 percent.

"The Kansas success story...We're just getting started!" Ivanka captioned the graph.

The graph showed a line indicating the increase starting when her father got elected.

Stephanie Clayton, a member of the Kansas House of Representatives, took issue with the claim. Clayton, who was elected as a Republican but now serves as a Democrat, disagreed with the idea that the Trump administration helped spur the state's economy.

Instead, Kansas' economy shifted when Democrats were elected to the state government and governor Sam Brownback left office. Brownback had championed cutting taxes wherever possible, which critics argue created a deficit in the state's finances. Once Laura Kelly took office, the economy began to turn around.

Ivanka has recently been criticized for her role in the Trump administration. She has reportedly been involved in conversations with foreign leaders, as The Inquisitr previously reported. She also attended the G20 summit with her father for which she was criticized as inappropriate given her lack of political experience. Critics also say that the move smells of nepotism.

Eric Trump recently pushed back on claims that he and his siblings are benefitting because of Trump's position as leader of the U.S., as The Inquisitr previously reported.

"Why is it that every family goes into politics and enriches themselves?" Eric Trump said.

"We stopped doing deals when he went into politics. Guess what, all these kids, they started doing deals when their families went into politics, and it's sickening," he added.

A recent report indicates that the Trump children have reportedly all used their father's position and their elevated status to financially benefit themselves.