October 25, 2019
Donald Trump Supporters Will 'Hunt Down' Democrats If He Is Impeached, Says Right-Wing Pastor Rick Wiles

Rick Wiles, a right-wing pastor and media personality, said there could be dangerous ramifications for Democrats should they remove President Donald Trump from office amid the current impeachment inquiry.

His comments were reported by Yahoo! News on Friday, though were seemingly made earlier in the week on an episode of TruNews, an online show posted to YouTube. Wiles reportedly made the comments to his co-host, Edward Szall.

When discussing the current impeachment inquiry faced by the president, Wiles remarked that should the president be removed from office, supporters of the 45th president would turn violent toward Democrats. The inquiry was initially announced in late September by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi following a whistleblower who alleged the president acted inappropriately on a call with the Ukrainian president.

Per the Yahoo! News' recounting of the encounter, Wiles reported said that "veterans, cowboys, mountain men," and other "guys who know how to fight" will bring "violence to America" by targeting the president's enemies and critics. He remarked that Trump supporters would "hunt down" the Democrats no matter how the president left office.

In agreement, Szall noted that "once the blood starts flowing, it's near impossible to stop," per Yahoo! News.

According to Right Wing Watch, Wiles is a Florida-based pastor whose show TruNews is an end-of-times themed broadcast focused on survivalist content. Wiles reportedly uses his platform to espouse conspiracy theories about former President Obama and promotes conspiracy theories about the federal government as well as other "secret powerful forces" who he alleges are attempting to lead the world into the end of days. He reportedly regularly shares rhetoric with anti-immigration and anti-LGBTQ+ focus, Right Wing Watch said.

Per Yahoo! News, the right-wing conspiracy theorist has reportedly called Obama a "demon from hell," has made anti-Semitic remarks, calling Jewish people the "antichrist," and going as far as to blame devastating floods that hit Houston, Texas, in 2017 as a punishment from God for the LGBTQ+ population in the city.

As The Inquisitr noted, Wiles last year reportedly said that should Democrats have won seats following the 2018 midterm election that churches would be burned and pastors would be killed. Wiles predicted that a Democratic takeover of Congress would mean the death of thousands of Christians.

"Their enemy is not the Republican Party… Their enemy is the church," Wiles said at the time. "They're coming against the church and I've been warning people for years and years and years—you better get ready, you better be prepared."

While Democrats won a majority of seats in the House in last year's midterm election, it doesn't appear that Wiles' predication came true. Republicans maintained control of the Senate in the 2018 election.