October 25, 2019
'World's Sexiest Nurse' Lauren Drain Flaunts Her Derriere In A Bikini In Throwback Snap

Blonde bombshell Lauren Drain might have started her career as a medical professional saving hearts, but it is very possible that her Instagram feed could be stopping them. In a recent throwback snap, the stunning nurse had donned a bikini that was likely to have caused pulses to race.

Fans will know that the post is made up of a throwback picture since the stunner is currently pregnant while expecting her first child. Lauren has been sure to update her fans with a number of adorable pregnancy shots. Some show Lauren comparing her body pre and mid-pregnancy by wearing the same outfits and posing in the same way in both pictures. Other posts include pictures of Lauren showcasing her dedication to fitness since she has continued to exercise despite having a proverbial bun in the oven.

However, Lauren has also been posting a number of older pics. In one uploaded two days ago, she posed in a beige bikini while sitting on the ledge of a yacht, as covered by The Inquisitr.

This is just another throwback snap and even shows Lauren in the same bikini as in the linked picture. The shot was taken when the registered nurse was on vacation in Grand Exuma in the Bahamas.

Though the view is spectacular, with sandy beaches, cerulean seas, and crystal blue skies, no doubt all eyes will be on Lauren in a shot in which she flaunts her fantastic figure as she walks down the beach.

She had dared to take off her top so that her bikini bottoms are the only article of clothing that she was wearing. Fortunately, her pose, in which she had her back towards the camera, preserved her modesty.

Her derriere was on full display when she sported the bikini, and that part of her body looked incredibly toned thanks to her dedication to fitness. Lauren styled her blonde locks into beachy waves and completed the look with a pair of sunglasses to shield her eyes from the Caribbean sun.

The uploads on Lauren's second account often do not receive quite as much love as on her official account. However, fans nevertheless offered more than 5,000 likes and close to 50 comments.

"Beautiful back....delicious body," wrote one user, adding the heart-eye emoji.

"Wonderful place for a wonderful woman," added a second, also employing the heart-eye emoji.

"This is exactly why you got pregnant...just sayn'," joked a third fan, creating an allusion for her sexiness.

Lauren often posts shots that showcase her body to advertise her personal training business. Considering her own incredible results, no doubt the stunner knows what she is doing.