October 25, 2019
Angela Simmons Flashes Her Sports Bra And Rocks Skintight Leggings In Sweat-Drenched Instagram Photo

Angela Simmons works out hard in the gym, and she's got the sweat marks to prove it. She also makes sure to stay properly hydrated when she's losing all that fluid during her workouts.

On Friday, the 32-year-old Growing Up Hip-Hop star took to Instagram to show her fans how she was getting ready for the weekend, and her prep didn't involve a pampering session at a spa or a trip to the salon. Instead, Angela revealed that she was spending part of her day working up a sweat at the gym. The fitness enthusiast snapped a mirror selfie as she was taking a break, and her photo gave her fans a peek at her black and purple colorblock sports bra. The supportive athletic garment created a hint of cleavage, which Angela was flashing by holding up what appeared to be the top half of a sauna suit designed to make its wearer lose water weight.

Angela was also rocking a pair of form-fitting athletic leggings, and the top of the Nike brand pants was covered in a ring of sweat. Because the heather gray leggings so tightly hugged her curves, they were showing off her toned thighs.

Angela had her hair pulled back, and she was keeping the sweat from dripping in her eyes by rocking a blue headband. She completed her workout outfit with a pair of brightly colored trainers.

In the caption of her post, the industrious daughter of rapper Rev Run preached about the importance of staying hydrated by letting her followers know that she's been drinking plenty of water during her workouts. To prove this, she posed with a nearly empty bottle of the fluid in her hand. She also made sure to inform her fans that her body is built, not bought.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Angela recently gave her followers a small taste of what her intense workouts are like. She shared a video of one of her sweat sessions, which included mountain climbers performed with her hands on an upside-down BOSU ball and jumping jack squats. She also displayed her lower body strength by doing barbell squats.However, Angela's latest sweat session seemed to be more focused on cardio. In her Instagram stories, she revealed that she was working out on a treadmill, and she was keeping herself motivated by listening to music. One of the songs on her fitness playlist was "Before I Let Go" by Beyonce. Angela looked like she was having a good time as she recorded herself strutting to the upbeat tune on the treadmill and sipping on her water, proving to her followers that fitness can be fun.