Watch The Office’s Backdoor Defunct Spin Off Episode ‘The Farm’

Dwight Schrute

For fans who were upset about The Office ending at the end of this season, there was some hope at the end of the tunnel. Now with news that character Dwight Schrute will not get his own spin off like originally planned, fans will be forced to say goodbye to all of their favorite Office characters when they all come into work one final time on the May 16 series finale.

All hope isn’t lost though! NBC is still planning to air what was seen to many as the backdoor episode to the Dwight Schrute spin off The Farm. The Farm would have starred Rainn Wilson as The Office’s beloved and quirky Dwight Schrute, documenting his home life on The Farm

Before NBC decided to pass on The Farm, there was a promising synopsis for the show and a cast that included Majandra Delfino, Tom Bower, Thomas Middleditch, Matt Jones, and Blake Garrett. The original synopsis for The Farm is as follows:

“The Farm centers on the Schrute family, who has inherited a combination farm/bed-and-breakfast. In order for Dwight to profit from this windfall, he must first convince his brother and sister to help him out. ”

Rainn Wilson broke the news on his Twitter back in October that NBC was looking to go in another direction despite the promising locked cast, and The Office’s show runner Paul Lieberstein on board as producer:

“NBC has passed on moving forward with ‘The Farm’ TV show. Had a blast making the pilot – onwards [and] upwards!” That’s about as official of an announcement as we’ll get.”


At the time when NBC passed on The Farm Wilson had this to say about the stand alone episode:

“You will get to meet Dwight’s brother and sister, some other family members, and see a little more life on the farm. But yeah, it’s not happening as a show. And it was very disappointing. We had worked really hard on it and I think created a really cool and different pilot. But it was kind of a relief in a way, because it’s time to hang up the old Dwight bad haircut and glasses and move on.”

Check out the first look on what The Farm might have looked like. The episode airs this week on March 14: