Rihanna Covers Her Apparently Nude Body With A Copy Of Her New Photo Book

Singer Rihanna just posted a new photo to Instagram. For the image, she is seen strategically holding her new, autobiographical photo book in front of her body, and she does not appear to be wearing much else.

In the photo, the singer and fashion icon is seen with her book open, covering the most intimate parts of her body from public view. The striking cover features a large photo of the singer’s face. Posing in front of a lush wall of pink flowers, Rihanna looks absolutely stunning as she poses for the camera.

The singer is wearing pink sunglasses, large gold hoop earrings, which appear to have flowers attached to the bottom of them, several bracelets, and a multitude of necklaces. Her legs, arms, and chest area are exposed and bare, while she pushes her dark hair away from her face.

Fans reacted quickly to the new snap, remarking how excited they were that the singer had published this exciting and intimate new look into her life.

“I need this,” said one Instagram user.

“This book is amazing, congratulations,” commented a fan.

Famous friends Zac Posen and Gigi Hadid both commented as well, with heart and star emoji in response to the dramatic photo.


Harper’s Bazaar reported that the book, published by Phaidon, was five years in the making. It takes readers on a visual trip through the extraordinary life of the singer, songwriter, and fashion icon, from her childhood in Barbados to her concert performances.

The 504-page book features more than 1,000 photos and is also available in various luxe editions, reported Harper’s Bazaar, which will include accessories like bookstands of various price points. The tome weighs 15 pounds and stands over 16 inches tall.


Architectural Digest reported that designers the Haas Brothers created the stands for the book. The Fenty x Phaidon edition is a metal book stand modeled after Rihanna’s hands, which retails for $175. The second version is the Luxury Supreme stand, a massive 66-pound, 18-karat gold cast resin bookstand with a mirror finish. The most expensive is the Ultra Luxury Supreme “Stoner” pedestal, which includes a 2,000-pound hand-carved stone pedestal with drip effects at the top.


The artists only made 10 of the most expensive stand, retailing at $75,000. Architectural Digest reported they are all already sold out.

The Inquisitr recently reported the singer faced backlash online after posting a Chris Brown song to Instagram. Rihanna showcased some new makeup shades for her collection and the tune that was used was “Come Together,” a new song by Brown featuring H.E.R. Fans were unhappy that the tune was chosen, considering Rihanna and Brown’s questionable past together.


Chris Brown was arrested after reportedly striking Rihanna prior to the 2009 Grammy Awards after she reportedly found a text message from an old girlfriend on his phone. Photos were later released of the singer with a bloodied, bruised, and swollen face after Brown’s alleged attack.

Rihanna’s new book is available in bookstores and online now.