October 25, 2019
Hannah Brown Faces Tough Questions About 'DWTS' Partner Alan Bersten From 'This Is Us' Star Justin Hartley

Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show has This Is Us star Justin Hartley covering for Ellen, and viewers will get to see a segment with Hannah Brown. Fans know that Hannah was left heartbroken after her experience on The Bachelorette, and now she's doing Dancing with the Stars with partner Alan Bersten. Naturally, Hartley just had to ask Brown if she's dating Bersten.

Before the Season 28 DWTS partnerships were even officially announced, fans were speculating that Hannah would be paired with Alan, since he's seemingly single. The show hasn't hyped much of a "showmance" between Hannah and Alan, at least not yet. Despite that, there has been plenty of buzz among viewers about how close the two are and whether they might end up dating one another.

During the segment featuring Hannah and Justin, The Bachelorette star joked about having a fair amount of baggage and having done a lot of dating in the past year. Hartley asked Brown to confirm that she is currently single, and he jokingly asked if she's maybe tried a dating app.

Justin did throw in a question about Hannah's status with Tyler Cameron, and she danced around that one a bit. Ultimately, Brown said she's very busy and is focusing on herself right now. That answer syncs pretty well with how Hannah answered a similar question about Tyler recently after the Dancing with the Stars Disney-themed night.

As Hollywood Life details, Hartley did eventually ask Brown flat-out whether or not she's dating Bersten. Hannah was adamant that they are not dating, and they are just great friends. The Bachelorette and DWTS star said that she's essentially made him become her best friend, and she quipped that he cries about that.

Hannah said she's been traumatized from her dating experiences this past year, and she's just not going to go there right now. Brown says it's been a lot to go from The Bachelor to The Bachelorette to Dancing with the Stars all in one year. At the same time, she admits, she loves the life she's living now, and she knows she can't truly complain.

Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown do seem to be quite close and enjoy spending time together, even if they insist there are no romantic overtures there. They're still competing on Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelorette fans seem to be having a blast supporting Hannah and Alan.

When will Hannah start dating again, and when she does find a new romance, will it be anybody familiar to fans? Right now, she seems content to focus on DWTS, and her large legion of supporters will be anxious to see how far she and Alan can go.