October 25, 2019
Sarah Jessica Parker, 54, Wears Socks In The City And Fans Are Freaking Out

Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her love for shoes, but who knew she had a thing for socks? The 54-year-old Sex and the City alum showed off her fashionable footwear during a recent trip to Australia, and fans had quite a reaction.

Parker posted two photos to her Instagram page which showed her wearing buckled Celine Mary Janes from her SJP shoe collection paired with colorful, patterned knee-high socks. In the caption to her first photo, Parker wrote that she was wearing "old socks."

But the retro pink Gucci socks certainly brought a new look to her ensemble.

Fans hit the comments section to react to SJP's youthful fashion look.

"Socks with heels is brilliant," wrote one fan.

One follower asked Parker point blank, "What's with all the socks? If I may ask....politely."

"Nothing. Just like em," Parker replied.

Another Instagram fan asked the star if she was making a new fashion statement.

"Sarah, Why, do you keep wearing socks with your shoes? Is that a new fashion statement? Just wondering," the follower asked.

"Oh gosh, I have for a long time. Not anything new. Been doing it for a few, five years. I just dig it," the Emmy-winning actress explained.

Not everyone loved Parker's socks, though.

One fan wrote, "Love your shoes but with the [socks] I'm getting wicked witch vibes."

Fans can see Sarah Jessica Parker's sassy sock photos below.

Parker wore one of her sock ensembles during a Chemist Warehouse event in Melbourne, Australia earlier this week, according to The Daily Mail. The longtime HBO star got a mixed reaction as she made her way to the stage wearing long purple socks with $621 heels from her shoe line. So, will she soon spawn a sock line too?

While some fans would love to see Parker try her hand at a sock line, the mom of three is currently focusing on her new wine line, so it seems unlikely that she'd get into sock designing right now.

Parker's new/old socks may be fashionable -- and to some, questionable -- but last year the star stepped out in a more manly sock style. Refinery 29 noted that Parker was photographed wearing white tube socks. She also wore a hot pink pair during an interview with late-night host Seth Meyers.

Of course, Sarah Jessica Parker has always made headlines for her unique fashion sense. Ever since her Sex and the City days, which kicked off with her wearing a pink tutu, the star has given fans a look at her love for everything from Manolos to the Vogue accessories closet. Now, we're getting a peek at her sock drawer.