Kaley Cuoco Wears Gym Shorts On A Yoga Mat: 'Not In The Mood, But Doin' It'

Rebecca Cukier (old)

Kaley Cuoco is a known yogi, and she recently updated her fans with a video from her latest yoga session. The 33-year-old Big Bang Theory actress hit the mat on Thursday evening.

Kaley was sitting with her legs crossed and slightly raised on a dark yoga mat as she filmed herself in a mirror. The actress appeared to be alone and in selfie mode as she rocked a casual and very mat-appropriate wardrobe. She wore a casual black pair of gym shorts that showed off her toned legs and paired them with a simple white tank. The sleeveless top showcased Kaley's strong arms, with her defined muscles on full display. She was barefoot and wore little in the way of accessories: the star simply sported a wristwatch. Kaley's long blond hair was tied into a scruffy bun atop her head. The low-frills feel continued with a makeup-free face, which is what one might expect when doing a workout.

While Kaley was dressed for yoga, she didn't seem too keen on engaging in the activity. Her facial expression was somewhere between bored and stumped, although the look may have been a humorous one. At the end of the clip, Kaley lowered her head down toward her chest as if admitting defeat. She accompanied her story with some text that may have explained her expression.

"Not in the mood but doin' it," she wrote.

It's no secret that Kaley has a slamming body and her workouts help her keep it that way. She tries to stay active whenever she can.

Kaley's social media doesn't showcase too many workouts, although the star previously mentioned her love of yoga in an interview with Women's Health Magazine. Kaley name-dropped a specific type of yoga, although it looked like she'd discovered it as a result of realizing that she hated other forms of physical activity.

"I tried spinning, I tried running, I tried yoga, I tried Pilates. I realized I don't like running…I refuse to do it. I like spinning, so I try to mix that in. When I found hot yoga, I fell in love with it and was like, this is my thing," Kaley told the magazine.

"Sometimes do I want to get up in the morning and do it? No. But when I get out, I feel like a million bucks," the star added of the before-and-after sensation.