October 25, 2019
Jill Duggar's Swimsuit Reappears In New Instagram Snap For Family Swim Night

Jill Duggar has been wearing pants and sleeveless tops for the past year now. So, what's next? How about a swimsuit? It appears that the former reality star may have once again dove into unknown territory for her ultra-conservative family values.

While this is not the very first time that the Duggar daughter has been seen wearing an actual bathing suit, it is still a little a shocking for fans of the family to see it. Taking to her Instagram stories on Thursday evening, Jill shared a series of photos of her two boys having some friends over to their house, while Jill and their mom hung out giving themselves facials. She also posted herself in a sweater that she was promoting for one of her favorite places to shop called Citrus and Lemon, but it was her last snap that may have everyone talking once again.

Jill Duggar shared that it was family swim night. She is seen with her youngest boy, Samuel, 2, at an indoor pool ready to take a dip. The little guy, who is wearing a water safety vest, looks excited. His mom, with her hair pulled back by a headband, is sitting there in a swimsuit ready to go in as well. You can clearly see that she has chosen to wear the same blue bathing suit that she had worn last summer while swimming with her kids.

If this were anyone else, the swimwear wouldn't be a big deal, but a Duggar girl is rarely, if ever, seen wearing one. In both of these photos, only the top part of the swimsuit is seen, exposing Jill's arms and shoulders. However, it's not known whether she has chosen to cover up her legs with a pair of capri pants or a skirt. There are more modest versions of bathing suits available for conservatives to wear.

Anytime the Duggars have been gone swimming, they usually cover up with sleeved tops and longer skirts with capri pants underneath. Even the Duggar men keep their shirts on to get wet in. It would really be a total shock to see one of them, male or female, with a typical swimsuit on.

Both Jill and Derick Dillard are active on social media and have done things that get people talking. The latest controversy involves Derick, as The Inquisitr had previously reported. A few days ago, the law student decided to answer some old questions on Twitter that fans had asked abut a year ago. His comments appeared to be blasting his former employer, TLC, and adding more fuel on his rumored feud with Jill's dad, Jim Bob Duggar.

It seems that the parents of two are still a part of the family, but it doesn't mean that there may not be a rift or two between them. Jill is branching out and doing things her own way, just as her sister, Jinger Vuolo, is doing living in L.A.

You can keep updated on Jill Duggar and her family of four on her Instagram.