October 25, 2019
Travis Scott's Alleged Mistress, Rojean Kar, Appears To Throw Shade At 'Fraudulent Reality Star' Kylie Jenner

There could be some drama brewing between Travis Scott's alleged mistress and his ex, Kylie Jenner.

Rojean Kar, the social media model who has been connected to the rapper since his split with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, took to Instagram this week to share a cryptic statement that was seen as a shot at Kylie Jenner.

As OK! Magazine reported, Kar has been taking some heat online after reports that she may have come between Kylie and Travis, and seemed to respond with a denial that there was anything going on between them.

Kar hinted that some of those involved are financially motivated not to come forward with the truth, which she hinted would clear her name.

"I wish the truth would just reveal itself," Kar wrote in her Instagram stories. "It's frustrating knowing it never will because everyone's either scared, paid off, or aware that there's no way to come out victorious when dealing with these people because have so much control in so many places, including the media, and consequently, the minds and pockets of the public."

Kar went on to add what appeared to be a shot at Kylie, saying that she is aiming to be something more than an Instagram model or "fraudulent reality star." Kar then appeared to call out Kylie for showing so much interest in her when really she had nothing to do with the split.

"It's just sad to see how someone with all that money and fame is still concerned with little insignificant me, someone who's done nothing to her, and have so much jealously and envy in her heart that she'll try to block a complete stranger from doing better for themselves," she wrote. "This is y'alls idol. An insecure, petty, manipulative con artist."

As the report noted, some fans jumped on the comment, noting that the Kardashian/Jenner clan has been accused of going after others they believe have wronged them. This includes former family friend Jordyn Woods, who reportedly hooked up with Khloe Kardashian's then-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, at a party in February.

If there is any animosity between the former couple, Kylie Jenner is doing her best to keep it out of the public. As E! News noted, an insider said that she and Travis are still holding out hope of getting back together after taking some time apart. The source said that the two have been doing better, noting that they love being together with daughter Stormi and appear to be on track to reuniting.