October 25, 2019
'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer Promotes 'Cult' Tied To Sexual Misconduct And Brainwashing

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer stirred some controversy with fans this week when she took to social media to promote a controversial self-help company, and now new details are emerging about the group that is described as a "cult."

The MTV reality television star took to Twitter this week to promote a group called Mastery in Transformational Training, a California-based organization once described by a 2018 GQ article as being a "cult of betterness." The group offers expensive courses aimed at helping people reach personal breakthroughs, ranging from $495 at the lowest level to $1,595 for the final course.

As The Inquisitr reported, Leah's promotion of the group drew sharp pushback from her fans, who warned her against getting involved and said that the group is a cult.

Now, Radar Online is sharing new details about MITT, including allegations that the group was accused of sexually violating participants and brainwashing them. The claims came from a 2017 lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming that the group's leader inflicted emotional distress on participants. The lawsuit, which has since been dismissed, claimed that the group's "non-consensual imposition of brainwashing techniques generated massive psychiatric stress" on the plaintiff, which allegedly led to a psychiatric break.

The lawsuit claimed that those leading the session criticized the plaintiff for not opening up enough, saying that her "inability to be vulnerable" was the reason she was unable to find a boyfriend or maintain a long-term relationship, the report noted.

The plaintiff said that those participating in the group knew that the training was leading to some very serious side effects, including at least one person who allegedly suffered a miscarriage.

The report claimed that during the entry-level course, female participants had to turn in their purses and cell phones and were prohibited from using them during the course of the training. There were also rules against food or drink in the room, and participants could not speak unless called upon.

While the lawsuit was dismissed, others have echoed similar allegations against MITT in reviews of the self-help organization online.

It was not clear what level of involvement Leah Messer had with the group, though she shared Twitter posts promoting it.

Though Messer often interacts with her fans on social media -- recently pushing back against allegations that she used Photoshop to make herself look better in a swimsuit picture -- she has not responded to the criticism of her involvement with Masters in Transformational Training.