Latest Mac Ads Get Seinfeldian On Microsoft

In a fitting twist, Apple’s latest ads bring a Seinfeldian element of self-awareness to the campaign against Microsoft.

The new spots, released today, strike me as being quite akin to the “Seinfeld” show’s season four plot line in which Jerry and George create a show about nothing for NBC. In Apple’s case, the company has created a commercial about a commercial that was about their commercials. Still with me?

Maybe it’d be easier just to watch. The first spot directly takes on the cash spent in Microsoft’s Seinfeld-started $300 million campaign:

The second makes light of the lack of “Vista” references in the latest Windows ads:

The irony, of course, is that outside of the initial “I’m a Mac” line, both spots largely avoided any actual Mac references themselves. One also wonders how much money Apple is paying for its own advertising efforts, since it’s bringing the subject up.

Ah, the art of negative campaigning. You can turn off the political coverage, but you can’t escape it. Will the slamming tactic work for Apple, or will it deliver a negative response such as what we often see within the political arena? The commercials are comical, no doubt, but let’s see how much of an impact they actually make.