October 27, 2019
'The Affair' Spoilers For Season 5, Episode 10: Noah's Insufferable Punishment

Just before Episode 9 of The Affair ended for Season 5, Noah Solloway's (Dominic West) daughter Whitney Solloway (Julia Goldani Telles) let her dad know in no uncertain terms that she was not going to side with him on the "me too" issue or on any issue. She was disgusted with him after talking to one of his alleged victims, Audrey, who described in detail what she had considered being the abuse and power Noah held over her.

As the new trailer for Season 5, Episode 10 reveals, the situation had reached the boiling point. Whitney argued with her mother, Helen (Maura Tierney), who told her that she and Noah are her only family.

"We are not a f**king family," retorted Whitney, who added, "And I am tired of pretending like we are. You're holding onto a myth."

Helen told her eldest daughter that she realized she was upset, and then Whitney answered back in a severely harsh tone.

"Yes, I'm upset. I'm very upset but I'm not crazy, It's obviously more important for you to hold onto a fantasy of being the perfect mom, of being the one who held us together, than it is for you to admit that this whole thing is a f**king charade. Dad only cares about himself and you only care about Dad."
Helen became incensed as she listened to what Whitney had to say and she immediately begged to differ. The two women went back and forth, each claiming their own side of the story was the right side of the story until Whit's mom finally begged her daughter to just talk to the two of them.

She explained that since Whitney was set to be married in only three more weeks, the upheaval would make that move impossible unless the Solloways showed a united front.

She asked Whitney how Noah was possibly going to be able to walk her down the aisle if she wasn't even talking to him.

Her answer was brutal.

"He's not," she said with finality.

At that point, Helen just stared at her daughter, looking absolutely helpless before asking Whitney to repeat herself. She did that and more.

"He's not going to walk me down the aisle because he is not coming to my wedding."
Helen just wasn't going to interpret that information as reality. She reminded Whitney that he is her father and that she and he made her so there was no denying that assertion.
"You wouldn't be here without us."
Whitney told her mother that she wasn't able to comprehend her wishes. Helen disagreed, telling the bride-to-be that not only was she being "short-sighted," but that her child had also been acting "pretty f*cking cruel."

At that point, Whitney's retort was the cruelest statement of all.

"You know, all I want for myself in life is not to end up like you," she said.

The Affair Season 5, Episode 10 airs on Sunday, October 28, on Showtime.