October 24, 2019
Lindsay Lohan Delivers Bizarre Gas Station Dance In Pink Cigarette Pants

Lindsay Lohan appears to have delivered somewhat of an unusual social media update today. The Mean Girls actress took to her Instagram with a video that featured her dancing at a gas station. This certainly isn't the first time that the famous redhead has made headlines for strange social media dances; one recent post featured her dancing in an unbuttoned jumpsuit. This time, she danced in a different clothing ensemble.

Lindsay's video started from inside a vehicle with music playing. A few seconds into the recording, Lohan hopped out of the SUV and began showing off her moves. She strutted her stuff to "Get Up" by Terrell Hines as the vehicle rolled along with the passenger-side door open. At one point, Lohan tells the person filming to get in the vehicle.

"You're supposed to be sitting in the car," she said. The cameraman -- likely filming on a cell phone -- jumped in the front seat and continued to film Lohan, "In My Feelings" Challenge-style. She continued busting out some cool moves as the car made its way through the parking lot of a Shell gas station.

The 33-year-old was rocking a stylish pantsuit comprised of a narrow pair of cigarette pants paired with a matching tailored jacket. The hot pink ensemble was completed by a black top and stiletto heels. She wore her long hair tied into a low bun at the nape of her neck.

Lindsay offered no context for her video, and only offered a three-emoji caption; two stars and a pink heart.

Comments quickly poured in as fans viewed the video, with the early responses proving that Lohan's followers were pleased to see her having so much fun.
Lindsay has been making headlines quite a bit this year. The star has been appearing on Australia's version of The Masked Singer, with fans appearing to love that Lindsay has found a reality show that's working for her. The star has already confirmed a return to the series for another season. It is worth remembering that the actress' Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club series was not a success; the show was canceled after its first season.

In other news, Lindsay has been releasing new music. Her first single in 11 years was released over the summer. The track, titled "Xanax," dropped with quite a build-up on social media, and it did not disappoint.

There's no word yet on whether or not Lohan fans will be dazzled by a new album.