October 24, 2019
'World's Hottest Weather Girl' Yanet Garcia Gets Soaking Wet In Thong Monokini, Instagram Goes Wild

Yanet Garcia is driving Instagram wild all over again — and not just a few fans. The "World's Hottest Weather Girl" doesn't deliver swimwear content all that often over on her social media, but it looks like she's done just that today. Yanet's video managed to rack up over 148,000 views within its first hour of going live, although racking up the views is a regular deal for this social media sensation. Yanet jogging in Daisy Dukes on the beach appeared to do that with no problem.

Today's video came straight from a pool, with Yanet appearing to have a soak and offering a reminder of her sexy swimsuit body. The star was seen alone and in a lit-up pool, with Yanet's back to the camera as she splashed around before lifting herself up and out of the water. Of course, Yanet being immersed in pool waters had her soaking wet, with fans seeing Yanet's hair also drenched.

Today's swimwear didn't offer much variety in terms of color, but the banded black monokini definitely showcased the Mexican beauty's fierce body. Yanet's toned and peachy rear was on show, as well as her muscular back. Yanet seemed to be powering those arms up as she hoisted herself out of the water, however, eyes may have been on the star's eye-catching behind.

Yanet offered no text in her caption, but she did use emoji — including a fire one.

It looks like Instagram has gone wild. Comments poured in from the moment the update went live, with countless users opting for long string of emoji — many a fire emoji was used. That said, worded responses were left, with these appearing to be a mix of English and Spanish ones.

"Uufffff," one fan wrote before adding four flame emoji.

"Wowwww" was another comment from a user then dubbing Garcia "perfect" in Spanish.

"Wooooooo ooooooooh" seemed to see one fan go pretty nuts.

Plenty more similar responses came in, with it looking like Yanet had really nailed her update today. The star was praised for her fierce body, although many users simply seemed too taken aback to leave elaborate replies.

Yanet now comes as somewhat of a social media sensation. The star boasts over 11 million Instagram followers, with fans appearing to adore her updates. These tend to include photos or videos of Yanet on the set, although they also include insights into her life as a workout queen, beach lover, and new pet owner; the star's Mamacita pup has its own Instagram account.