Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Lingerie-Clad Booty In Racy Halloween Throwback Photo

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Kendall Jenner seemed to be reminiscing about her Halloween costume from last year as this year’s spookiest holiday is just around the corner. On Thursday, Kendall posted a throwback snap from 2018, where she and her sisters stunned fans when they dressed as Victoria’s Secret Angels —a title that Kendall actually holds — in sexy lingerie and wings.

In Kendall’s photo, she’s seen with her back to the camera as her curvy booty steals the spotlight. Kendall wore a white see-through thong lingerie piece that showcased her perfect model body, including her long, lean legs and tiny waist, and the look was quite more revealing that her comfy Calvin Klein underwear.

Kendall also sported a pair of white, fluffy angel wings that obstructed the view of her face as she turned around to look back at the camera. Kendall can be seen sporting darkened eyebrows, long lashes, a shimmering highlighter, and pink blush on her cheeks in the snapshot, as well as some diamond earrings.

Jenner’s fans went nuts over the Instagram photo, clicking the like button over 2 million times in just 45 minutes. Kendall’s older sister, Kourtney Karashian, also posted a throwback photo from her lacy lingerie costume last year, and fans can help but wonder if the Kardashian-Jenner clan may be planning another epic group costume.

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last year’s halloween ????????

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Recently, OK! Magazine took a look back at the Kardashian-Jenner’s most epic Halloween costumes, remembering Kourtney as Ariana Grande and Kylie dressed up like Christina Aguilera in her Dirrty music video.

Kim Kardashian has dressed as her idols in the past, sporting costumes that have honored the late singer Selena, as well as music icon Cher.

Khloe once dressed as Game of Thrones character Khaleesi with former boyfriend Tristan Thompson as her Khal Drogo. Meanwhile, Kendall’s been more traditional when it comes to her costumes, sporting a sexy witch outfit in the past and dressing as video game character Luigi while friend Cara Delevingne complimented her as Mario.

Jenner has also dressed up as a fembot from the Austin Powers movies, alongside a pal who went as the International Man of Mystery himself.

The Kardashian’s seem to have a real love for Halloween, and they pass it down to their children. The Kardashian-Jenner kids are often seen sporting adorable costumes throughout the month of October, which usually makes for Instagram gold.

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not a costume, a lifestyle

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Meanwhile, fans will have to stay tuned to see what Kendall Jenner’s Halloween costume for 2019 will be by following the supermodel on her Instagram account.