Curvy Model Iskra Lawrence Flaunts Booty In Unretouched Bikini Photo

Presley AnnGetty Images

Instagram celebrity and body positive champion Iskra Lawrence isn’t afraid to post unretouched photos online, and she wants everyone to know it. The blond bombshell’s latest update showed her in a skimpy bikini on the beach with nothing to hide — including her cellulite.

The photo captured Iskra from behind standing on a beach with the ocean in the background. She wore a striped bikini with a tanga bottom, which showed off a good deal of her backside. With wet hair and skin, Iskra looked as though she had just stepped out of the water. The beauty seemed to have very little, if any, makeup on as she turned to give the camera a smile. On one booty cheek was the letter “P,” which might have been a reference to her boyfriend, Phillip.

In the post’s caption, Iskra wrote that her viewers were seeing her skin in all its “unretouched glory.” The snap, while showing off the model’s curvy derrière, also showed that she had a bit of cellulite.

The post struck a chord with some of Iskra’s followers, who appreciated her honesty.

One fan even took a moment to thank her for all that she has done in encouraging others to accept themselves.

“You inspire me so much specially now that I’m going through a hard situation about how I see myself,” one female follower wrote.

“Take time daily to celebrate all the things your body allows you to do and try to shift the mindset to one of gratitude — it takes time but we are so blessed to have bodies and they deserve our love and appreciation,” Iskra replied.

Iskra has been sharing unedited photos for quite some time. She proudly models with Aerie, a campaign by the American Eagle company that does not alter the images of its models. As The Inquisitr reported earlier in the month, the stunner looked amazing in an array of bras for the clothing brand.

Iskra says it has taken some time to love her body for the way it is. In an interview with Elle magazine, she said that she eventually had to learn that she needed to take care of her body because it was the only one she had.

She also said that she would like to change some of the misconceptions surrounding the modeling industry. For one, she would like people to know that curvy girls can be healthy.

Fans wanting to see more of Iskra can follow her Instagram account.