Jojo Babie Exposes Chest Thanks To ‘Losing’ Her Shirt In Sexy New Instagram Pic

Jojo BabieInstagram

Jojo Babie shared a new Instagram update today, and it was all about her going topless. She was spotted sitting on the ground in the Bambi pose, as she wore a pair of navy blue leggings. Besides that, she joked that she “lost” her shirt in the captions. And because she had no shirt on, her chest was left exposed, as she censored herself only with her curly, blond locks.

The Asian stunner gave a coy look with her lips slightly parted, as she rocked light pink lipstick and a dash of eyeshadow. Her leggings were high-waisted, and her curvy derriere could also be seen. She posed in front of a blank wall, and placed her right hand on her hair while her other hand rested in front of her midriff.

This photo, which you can check out on her Instagram page, has been liked over 52,000 times. Fans had plenty to say about her topless look in the comments section.

“I can only imagine how cold u are,” joked a follower.

“Ahaha Scorpio season has arrived in true fashion,” declared an admirer.

“I’m glad you lost your shirt, it makes me happy…LOL!” exclaimed an Instagram user.

“Please lost your shirt one more time,” begged a fan.

In addition to losing her shirt, Jojo has been talking about “Scorpio season.”

After all, her birthday is coming up on November 7, and Scorpios are born between October 23 and November 22.

In addition to the post, Jojo shared an Instagram story that was a meme about her astrological sign.

“‘I love you! You’re so good but at the same time soooo bad! Why???'” the meme read, with a graphic that was indicated as “Scorpio women.”

“Half devil, half goddess,” read the caption of the graphic.

The graphic was a shadow of a woman, who stuck her tongue out while horns grew out of her hair. The backdrop was drenched in a red light, with the shadow in a darker tone of red.

The Asian model has amassed a large and dedicated fan base on her Instagram page, boasting over 9.2 million followers. Most of her posts are personal selfies or professional shots, as she shows off her best assets. She’s also very flirty in the captions most of the time, prompting her adoring fans to leave her tons of flirty messages in return.

The model has been posting updates regularly, so people can look forward to more updates in the coming days. And for fans that can’t get enough of Jojo, check out her prior update where she showed off her curvy booty.