‘Teen Mom’ Star Mackenzie McKee Accepts New Proposal From Husband Josh After Brief Separation

Mackenzie McKeeInstagram

Teen Mom personality Mackenzie McKee hinted that her recent birthday was a really great one, and new details about why that was the case have emerged. After a brief separation from her husband Josh McKee, the two are officially reunited, and he even proposed to her again on her birthday.

According to People, Josh surprised Mackenzie with a fresh proposal on her birthday. Photos shared by the outlet show that Josh got down on bended knee and held Mackenzie’s hand as he proposed again. She was holding a rose in her other hand, and it looks like his birthday surprise was a bit hit with the Teen Mom star.

Just over two months ago, Mackenzie announced her separation and surprised her Teen Mom fans by sharing the news on Instagram that she was single again. She explained that she needed a break from her marriage, and it seems that she truly felt that her marriage was fully over at that point.

While mid-August was the first that McKee publicly noted that she had separated from her husband, Mackenzie indicates that the split actually happened months prior to the announcement. She admits that there had been infidelity on both sides and that the marriage always needed help.

Now, the Teen Mom star says she has fallen in love with a new man, and she says that despite thinking it would be impossible, they found their way back to one another.

Teen Mom fans had already been buzzing about what seemed to be a reconciliation between Mackenzie and Josh in recent weeks. Some people accused the pair of faking the separation for the sake of reality television, a charge she denied.

Mackenzie said just a couple of days ago that the “best birthday present ever” was her husband getting saved, and McKee said she had been praying for that for nine years. Now, it seems there was a little more to that fabulous birthday present that left her so happy.

Josh did share a post on his Instagram page that included a photo and lengthy caption from the re-proposal that recently took place. However, he didn’t mention that key tidbit about proposing to Mackenzie again.

McKee planned a big scavenger hunt for Mackenzie that included a visit to her favorite restaurant, a massage, a new outfit, and a note telling her to toss her old wedding ring into the lake. He then surprised her with the proposal that included a rose in his mouth and a new ring. Apparently, he already has a vision for when and how they will renew their vows.

Will the work Mackenzie McKee and her husband Josh did over the past couple of months keep the Teen Mom pair happily together for the years ahead? The pair has three children together, Gannon, Jaxie Taylor, and Broncs Weston, and fans will be watching to see where things head next for this family.