‘Sports Illustrated’ Hottie Robin Holzken Is A Work Of Art In Strappy Watercolor Dress

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Brunette bombshell Robin Holzken offered fans a lesson in fashion in one of her recent Instagram updates. Known for her steamy photoshoots, the Sports Illustrated babe took a break from her usual bikini shots to showcase a completely different look, and left followers gasping in awe at the sight of her stunning beauty.

Proving that she can look seductive without necessarily stripping down to a skimpy swimsuit, Robin slipped into a sophisticated watercolor dress that beautifully flattered her enviable figure with its curve-hugging design. Despite being less revealing than her typical skin-baring shoots for Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret, the look attracted a lot attention from her Instagram followers, reeling in a considerable amount of engagement for the gorgeous Dutch model.

Robin was the epitome of elegance in the fabulous watercolor dress. Made up of a tight-fitting bodice — one complete with delicate spaghetti straps that framed her decolletage area in a very alluring display — and a curve-clinging skirt, the chic item fit her like a glove, emphasizing her hourglass frame. Although the snug design was certainly enough to catch the eye of Robin’s scores of admirers, what made the dress particularly head-turning was its stylish watercolor print. Boasting a rich palette of bold, contrasting colors — including a vibrant yellow hue and sumptuous shades of dark red and dramatic charcoal — the elegant garment called to mind images of abstract paintings and sun-soaked landscapes at twilight.

Yet the true pièce de résistance of Robin’s spectacular attire was a pair of glamorous gold evening gloves covered in countless glittery sequins, which sparkled on her sculpted arms, making it seem as though they were dipped in liquid gold.

“Reminds me of King Midas in Greek mythology. Would be dope if the clothes were gold to [sic],” remarked one fan, adding a raising-hands emoji to their comment.

“A golden woman!” quipped a second person.

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Robin looked nothing short of phenomenal in the exquisite outfit. The Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition hottie exposed her chiseled shoulders and bare collarbone in the strappy dress, flashing a bit of glowing fair skin in the low-cut item. While the look was arguably tamer than the daring outfits she habitually showcases on Instagram, the 22-year-old stunner didn’t shy away from flaunting her incredible physique — and even showed a hint of subtle cleavage in the jaw-dropping dress. Fans could even argue that the sexy look was a braless one, as Robin didn’t appear to be wearing any kind of support underneath the fashionable garment.

The model paired the seductive look with a smoldering attitude, sultrily gazing into the camera with a slight pout that made her luscious lips look all the more appealing. As expected, the elegant update caused quite the sensation among her online fans, garnering more than 19,000 likes and over 200 comments on Instagram.

“Wow something different… Looking beautiful though,” wrote one Instagram user, ending their post with a couple of sparkling-heart emoji.

Robin followed up the post with an entire collection of eye-catching photos that saw her looking gorgeous and refined in yet another chic outfit. Clad in a shimmering satin top, one boasting a splendid fuchsia color, the Dutch beauty put on a fresh-faced display as she posed with a flower between her lips.

“Every flower blooms in it’s [sic] own time,” Robin wrote on Instagram, racking up over 9,000 likes for her bohemian look and poetic caption.