'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Dubbed A Liar In Halloween Pic With Contact Lenses, Claps Back With Full Force

Kailyn Lowry doesn't appear to have been in the mood to tolerate the haters. It's been three days since the Teen Mom 2 star took to Instagram to showcase a Halloween look complete with liquid-effect makeup, with early responses to the post documented as having been positive. That said, fans were already probing the blonde over whether or not she was wearing contact lenses.

It looks like Kailyn's photo has generated somewhat of a storm over in the post's comments section. A fan who had queried whether Kailyn was wearing lenses found themselves replied to, with the user suggesting that Kailyn had used an app to create the effect. Kailyn replied.

"No baby, I'm standing in front of a ring light."
The response didn't appear to be sufficient for the fan, with them further probing the mother of three.

"Lies, your eyes would turn red!" they replied.

Once again, Kailyn clapped back.

"Why would I lie about my eye color and f*cking ring light? Lmfao"
This segment of the comments section appeared to see users divided over the issue, although Kailyn received plenty of backing from her fans. One user came to Kailyn's defense by accusing the fan of being backward.
"KATIE. You're right in 1901, the light from the camera would turn your eyes red. Here in 2019, we have cameras that DON'T do that. Why you so mad about HER eyes."
Kailyn did reply to fans who left positive remarks, but she definitely clapped back with full force to the user accusing her of lying. You can see the photo below.Kailyn has been slammed before on social media. As Pop Culture reports, the star taking to Instagram to introduce her new dog Karma sparked backlash as fans felt Kailyn had passed the whole thing off as a pregnancy reveal. Kailyn appears to have removed the photo of herself with the dog, although she has since updated her Instagram stories with Karma.

Kailyn's update sat at 80,000 likes when The Inquisitr documented the update. The post has since risen to sit at over 123,000 likes.

Kailyn shot to fame on MTV's 16 and Pregnant before becoming a core member of Teen Mom 2. The star has raised her three sons Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux in the public eye, not only having them featured on the show, but also keeping fans up to date on their lives at home via Instagram — all three boys appear to have their own accounts as well.