Celine Dion Shares Rare Photos Of Twins Nelson & Eddy On Instagram As She Wishes Them A Happy 9th Birthday

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This week, superstar singer Celine Dion shared a couple of sweet photos on her Instagram page to celebrate the ninth birthday of her twin sons Nelson and Eddy. It is not all that often that Dion shares photos of her young sons on social media, so her fans went wild over this glimpse at the two handsome young men.

On Wednesday, Dion shared a pair of snapshots showing the 9-year-old twins. Dion posted a caption in both French and English wishing her youngest sons a happy birthday and noting that she is proud of them.

As fans of Dion’s know, she had three sons with her now-deceased husband Rene Angelil. Nelson and Eddy’s older brother Rene-Charles is now 18-years-old and “RC” apparently is pursuing a career in the music industry as well.

Dion has 3.7 million fans following her on Instagram these days and they loved this birthday tribute to her twin sons. In less than 24 hours, almost 125,000 people had liked the pair of photos Dion had shared.

In addition, nearly 2,400 of Dion’s followers added comments to the Instagram post. Many wished Nelson and Eddy a happy birthday as well and a number of Dion’s fans noted how adorable the boys are. Just as Dion posted in both French and English, the comments section was filled with praise in both languages.

It is quite rare for Dion to post photos of Nelson and Eddy on Instagram. In fact, it looks as if the last time the twins made an appearance on her social media page was back in January. At that time, Dion shared a photo that included Nelson, Eddy, and RC as they celebrated the New Year.

Eddy and Nelson’s big brother also has an Instagram page that is public, and it looks as if he shares photos of his younger brothers slightly more frequently than his mom does.

Dion’s husband, Rene, the father of her three sons, died in 2016. Since then, the 51-year-old singer has focused on performing and parenting her three sons. She has also fought back against questions and criticism regarding her health.

Dion’s weight at times has been the topic of conversation among fans across social media. She has pushed back against any insinuation that she is in poor health or is too thin, dismissing any questions that she has any issues.

Fans of Dion’s may not get a chance to see updates on her twin sons Nelson and Eddy often, but based on this latest post, it surely has been worth the wait. The singer’s supporters would likely love to see more frequent posts featuring Dion’s sons, but it looks like she tries to maintain a sense of privacy for them most of the time.

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