Hungarian Fitness Queen Anita Herbert Shows Off Insane Abs In Revealing Workout Clothes

Anita HerbertInstagram

Anita Herbert has attracted a legion of fans to her Instagram page thanks to the motivational posts she shares about fitness. The Hungarian fitness icon often pairs her posts with snaps of her physique, which serves as inspiration on its own.

On Wednesday, the fitness model took to the popular social media app to share one such post, in which she shows off her insane abs and toned thighs as she takes to the gym. The photo shows Herbert posing in front of the mirror as she holds her phone in front of her face to snap a selfie. Herbert is rocking a two-piece workout set that boasts a camo print in black and shades of gray.

The set consists of a sports bra with spaghetti straps that go over her shoulders and a low-cut neckline that puts her cleavage on display. Herbert teamed her top with a pair of booty spandex shorts that sit low on her frame, leaving her killer abs fully exposed. In addition, the short shorts also help highlight her strong thighs, which are further accentuated by the way she is standing.

The U.S.-based fitness coach wore her dark hair pulled back in a tight bun that is both practical and stylish. Herbert also wore black eyeliner and mascara, which compliments the color of her workout set.

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Herbert used her post to promote her coaching services. She tagged the Instagram page for My FitQueen by Anita Herbert where she shares the different challenges and programs she offers.

Since going live, the post — which Herbert shared with her 2 million Instagram followers — garnered just about 28,000 likes in under a day of being published, as of the time of this writing. Within the same time frame, the photo also raked in upward of 350 comments, proving to be quite popular. Users of the social media platform who are fans of the fitness model and coach took to the comments section to ask questions about her plan and also to offer their reviews of her program.

“I just love love love having a plan now. I am super excited everyday to follow the plan you have put together for us in 4.0! You are amazing Anita,” one user raved, trailing the message with a red heart emoji.

“The best abs,” said another fan, including a couple of fire emoji to illustrate the comment.

“Anita, when is your next sign up? I am ready to commit to making me the ultimate me!” a third user added.