October 24, 2019
Kaley Cuoco Looks Cute As A Button In Nothing But A White Night Shirt On Instagram

Kaley Cuoco has pulled it off again – looking cute as a button in the world's most un-fussy clothing. The Big Bang Theory actress is somewhat known for showcasing her cute nighties on Instagram, even announcing that she was wearing her black satin nightie to an evening event not too long ago. The 33-year-old took to the platform recently to showcase a new addition to her nightwear collection, although this particular look didn't seem to see the famous blonde headed anywhere. Well, except perhaps to bed.

Kaley's Instagram story showed her in selfie mode. The star was looking cute as a button with zero makeup in what was likely her home. Fans saw the star snapping herself in what may have been a hallway with banister-like rails behind her. The star was seen rocking a little white nightie with short sleeves and a knee-length finish. The gown boasted something that fans of Kaley will know she relates to, as it was covered in cartoon dogs.

"She Who Sleeps with Dogs" was written across the chest.

Kaley appeared with her blond hair tied up into a scruffy bun. The photo also showed the actress with her head cocked to the side. Fans viewing the stories then saw a second image. Here, Kaley was seen in close-up mode and gazing downwards, offering fans a better view of the logo.

"Front view," Kaley wrote to accompany this story.

The first story came with text thanking Sarah Schechter for gifting Kaley the item.

Fans of Kaley will know that her clothing items showcase her love of animals on a fairly frequent basis. The star recently revealed a horse-and-dog-covered shirt under her fancy Missoni suit. Kaley is an equestrian in addition to a general animal lover. The star has updated her social media from a rabbit adoption pop-up and many Instagram stories show her with her own pets.Kaley has noted her environmental side in interviews. Speaking about hosting The Great Travel Hack, the star mentioned clean living.

"It was awesome, and then it was great to crown a winner. It was just a fun experience. I think everyone loves to travel and it's important that we're open to new cleaner ways to get there. [Protecting the environment] is an important topic that I know that is a very serious topic, but I love how this has kind of shown in a light-hearted, fun, easy way to make a little change," Kaley told She Knows.

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