New Pope Bergoglio Named Francis As White Smoke Clears Around Vatican

The new pope has been named as Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the white smoke clears around the Vatican. The oldest cardinal announced the new pope in the Latin name after first announcing “Habemus papam,” meaning we have a new pope.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the new pope Bergoglio was preceded by a papal conclave that took only several days and four ballots. In 1939, Pius XII was elected within three ballots, but seven ballots on average have been required over the last nine papal conclaves. So the Vatican’s election of the new pope Bergoglio was relatively fast compared to historical standards.

After the papal conclave completed and the white smoke was released from the Sistine Chapel, the new pope left the Sistine Chapel to put on his papal robes and then re-enter the chapel for prayer with the cardinals. The new pope went back to Pauline Chapel to pray for a few moments before preparing to reveal himself to the public.

At the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica, the oldest cardinal announced the new pope’s old name, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and the name Pope Francis that he will be known as from now on. He was trained as a chemist and most likely will represent the many Catholic Hispanics around the world.

Born in 1936, Cardinal Begoglio is from Argentina, which presents a little bit of a surprise. The new pope was hoped to represent more of the Catholic Church, but this name was not one of those listed as being a front runner. Most experts expected the Roman bureaucracy to pick a new pope that was more in line with previous popes. He’s also the first Jesuit in the Catholic church to be elected as a new pope.

Do you think Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a good choice for the new pope?