Jojo Babie Flaunts Her Curvy Physique In Latest Instagram Post: ‘Grow Booty Grow!’

Jojo BabieInstagram

Instagram model Jojo Babie may not have shown as much skin as she did when she started the week by flashing major underboob in a lingerie set. But given that she is well-known among many of her 9.2 million followers for her bountiful rear-end, most of them likely didn’t mind it one bit when she focused on that particular asset in her newest upload on the photo-sharing platform.

On Wednesday, Jojo took to her Instagram to share a photo of herself that appeared to have been taken inside a gym bathroom. In this image, the social media sensation had her back turned to the camera, which allowed her to showcase her famous derriere in a pair of gray-and-blue striped leggings. She completed her workout gear with a navy-blue-and-white sports bra and wore her long blond hair down her back, placing her left hand on the back of her neck as she struck a pose.

As Jojo was snapped in front of a mirror, this gave her followers a good enough look at the rest of her curves, albeit from a bit of a distance — the sports bra revealed a fair bit of cleavage aside from teasing her toned, flat midsection.

In her caption, Jojo advertised the “booty gainz” that she claims are possible through the use of the 1st Phorm supplements she often endorses in her posts. She then revealed that she mostly works on her rear-end and her legs when she exercises, adding some information on the products that were positioned next to her in the photo. Toward the end of her caption, the model asked her fans about the parts of their body they concentrate on when working out.

As of this writing, Jojo’s latest update has gotten more than 50,000 likes in the 14 hours or so since it was posted. The model also got close to 1,100 comments from her ardent followers, and while some of her fans chose to give a straight answer to the aforementioned workout-related question, most of them were seemingly too captivated by the photo that they mainly stuck to complimenting her appearance.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous,” said one Instagram user, who trailed the first part of their comment with two heart-eye emoji before adding that they mostly train their abs.

“You look amazing jojo! Absolutely fantastic!” another fan remarked, adding thumbs-up, bicep, and heart-eye emoji.

“It really works out dear. Your legs and booty are amazing. But the rest of your body is too,” gushed a third admirer, completing their comment with four heart-eye emoji at the end.