October 24, 2019
Bella Hadid Tugs On Tiny Ruffled Bikini Top For Sizzling New Instagram Pic

Bella Hadid tantalized her 26.4 million Instagram followers today with a sultry bikini pic. She was spotted giving a coy look while pulling on the front of her tiny bikini top, which left her chest exposed.

The model wore her hair in a half-down, half-up style which also included a couple of braids that framed her face. Plus, she sported a small, tight bun high on her head.

The bikini top she wore was black with ruffled edges, and the photo appeared to be a selfie as she looked down towards the camera. Bella was photographed inside a white tent or canopy, with a sheer black top hanging from a beam. It's possible that the model was on a photoshoot, although fans will need to wait longer to find out more details.

The photo has been liked more than 572,000 times so far, with fans gushing about Bella's fierce look.

"STEP ON ME, RUN ME OVER, HIT ME WITH A BULLDOZER, KILL ME," declared a fan, whose comment was liked over 90 times.

"Gettin ready for weeknd be like," noted an admirer.

"U the starbucks logo but irl," stated a follower.

In addition, Bella has recently been sharing updates from a Vogue Netherlands photoshoot that she did for a cover feature. The magazine cover showed the model posing on the ground as she propped herself up with her left arm. She raised her right leg into the air and gave a wide smile.

Bella wore a red and pink ensemble, which consisted of a low-cut shirt, velvety skirt, and a flowing robe.

In the caption, the model opened up about her grandmother's passing, which she learned about after completing the photoshoot.

Although fans may assume that Bella is all about makeup and looking great all the time, she revealed that she's more down-to-earth in a prior interview with Vogue UK.

"You know what, my worst nightmare is getting my nails done. It's not common for me at all. When I have a little bit of time off I like to take everything people see in my everyday life and just take it off. Wear no make-up, be myself, hang out on the couch with my girlfriends.... All of the glitz and glamour and pampering and stuff is nice, but it's not really what makes me happy," she said.

Fans can stay tuned for more updates from Bella in the coming days. The busy model is usually jetting from one place to the next, so it'll be interesting to see what else she has in store for 2019.

Those who can't seem to get enough of Bella can check out her prior post where she rocked a little black dress.