Brazilian Bombshell Erika Gray Poses In The Tiniest Denim Jacket Possible

Erika GrayInstagram

Erika Gray’s denim jacket is so small, it only barely qualifies as clothing.

The Brazilian Instagram model shared a racy picture of herself clutching the tiny scrap of jacket, which wasn’t nearly enough to keep her covered. The Instagram snap was a huge hit with Erika’s fans, who left thousands of likes and scores of compliments.

“wow babe so gorgeous,” one person shared.

“Oh WOW perfection,” another added.

The picture showed Erika from the side, clutching onto the jacket to keep from running up against Instagram’s strict rules against overt nudity. She paired the jacket with light pink lingerie bottoms and gave a steely look as she stared into the camera.

This was not the first time that Erika has pulled out her tiny denim jacket. As The Inquisitr noted, she shared a similar shot earlier this month that showed what appeared to be the same jacket and lingerie bottoms combo, only this time from the front. That shot was just as popular with Erika’s fans, especially as it came after she had shared a series of more glamorous modeling shots on her Instagram feed, a departure from the more racy fare she usually shares.

Erika has been getting plenty of modeling work, as her Instagram feed shows her posing in outfits and swimwear for some top companies. It is likely helping her earn a very nice salary, as social media experts say that Instagram models generally make $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have — and that’s the price for every individual post. That means that Erika, with her 2.3 million followers, has the chance to earn more than $20,000 every time she dons a skimpy bikini or revealing lingerie.

While that may seem a high price, it’s actually very little compared to what a company would dish out for a top celebrity to serve as their brand ambassador. Online expert Joe Gagliese told Vox in a story about Instagram influencers that many companies find it more valuable to spread their advertising money around to a large group of social media influencers rather than tap into celebrities.

“These influencers have moved into celebrity territory,” he said.

“An endorsement from them is just as valuable as working with LeBron. They have incredibly engaged audiences and have an ability to push really big numbers.”

There are some major side benefits for Erika Gray as well, including the chance to travel around the globe. Her Instagram feed shows her in a number of different tropical locations, including the beaches of Mexico where she spent several days this summer as she promoted an adults-only boutique.