Sofia Vergara Sizzles In Low-Cut Top While On A Slide, Jokes 'I'm Great At Stunts'

Sofia Vergara may be 47-years-old, but the Modern Family actress is young at heart. Her latest Instagram update definitely seemed to prove it. Sofia's post today seemed to showcase her carefree spirit, although it didn't deprive fans of the star's famous assets. Sofia is arguably known for having some of the fiercest curves in her age bracket; that sexy elevator selfie likely hasn't been forgotten by the star's fans.

Sofia's Instagram update today showed her barefoot and on a big white slide. The Latina was seen with a gleeful and somewhat-surprised expression – almost as if she were squealing – with it clear that Sofia was having a blast. The actress was looking sexy and stylish, with fans seeing Sofia rocking what appears to be a black midi skirt while flashing those toned legs. She paired the look with a sleeveless, low-cut, leopard-print top showing off her famous cleavage.

Sofia was looking fit and fabulous, although fans would likely argue that this is applicable to all her photos. The star appeared with her long, highlighted hair worn down and cascading past her shoulders, with hints of earrings visible – perhaps hoops. Vergara appeared elegantly made-up, with bold red lipstick affording a glam finish.

A caption from Sofia mentioned the glee, with the actress also taking to her hashtag to joke that she's skilled in the stunt department.

Sofia now comes as a household name. The star's Modern Family role has now earned her major fame, with Sofia frequently taking to Instagram to promote her appearances on the popular sitcom. That said, the account showcases other aspects of Sofia's life, including her business ventures. Sofia now has a denim partnership with retail giant Walmart. The star seems to have turned her trademark look into a flourishing business opportunity.

Speaking to PopSugar about why she started the partnership, Sofia opened up on her fashion sense and her goals.

"I love fashion, I love jeans, I love women. I like buying clothes and I have access to a lot of things, but I have always imagined what I could create at a lower price than what I already buy. I wanted to create a jean line because I think it's one of the most important pieces of clothing every woman owns in 2019. I don't know anyone who doesn't own a pair of jeans," she told the media outlet.

Today seemed less about the denim and more about the childhood fun, but it likely did it for Sofia's fans. Fans wishing to see more of Sofia should give her Instagram account a follow.